OT = Operating Thetan.

     Run as you will to full understanding.

    "What makes for a good story?"
    "What makes for a bad  story?"

    "What makes for a good character (in a story)?"
    "What makes for a bad  character (in a story)?"

     The OT is Author.

     The human is a character.

     Humans cause by emanating from themselves, and the cause wave
propagates from its emanation point to affect people and things
around him.  Because the human emanates from his one point in space
and time, and because the causal wave propagates out through space and
time, there is a propagation delay.

     With OT's its different.

     Remember the little toy you had as a kid that had 8 plastic
squares with numbers on them, and you had to move them around until
you got them in order?  Remember how hard it was to move one number
from one corner to another without disturbing the positions of the
others numbers?

     Well just so with OT's.

     OT's cause by shifting the whole fabric of the global matrix
around them at once.  There is no propagation delay.

     The motive of an OT is to write a good story.

     The motive of a human is to be a good character.

     To the degree that a being operates from the motives of a human,
he will have human powers.

     To the degree that a being operates from the motives of an OT, he
will have OT powers.

     There is no other consideration in why beings do or do not have
human or OT power.

     The human is into winning the game of survival.

     The OT is into enhancing the game of survival.

     Enhancing the story.

     Give a human OT powers and he would just give himself and
everyone else everything, and that would be the end of it.

     But that's a NO STORY.

     The world is like a book with multiple characters and multiple
authors.  Since any one OT, whilst writing his story for his own
character, will affect many other characters 'than his own', he must
do so in unison with the other Authors operating at the same time.
Thus operating as an OT is most effective when done so as a group.

     Goodness for the Author is not goodness for the character.

     Virtue for the Creator is not virtue for the Creature.

     The Creature can become the Creator at will.

     The way for the Creature to become the Creator is to BE the
Creator becoming the Creature.

     But what would a Creator do for a Creature?

     If the character in a book could step out and complain to the
Author about the character's lot in life, what would the Author do?

     Give him everything?

     What is OT Happiness?

     Happiness is living a good story.

     Happiness is looking at your life and feeling "Damn, this is a
good story!"

     Happiness is living a life that reads like a book you just can't
put down.

     When you die, you as OT go up to Author Hill and look down upon
the universe.  You can see the global matrix and its many Authors,
stories, and characters taking place.  Somewhere along the line you
say "There!  If I create a new character and inject it into the story
right there, I can enhance the global story."

     Thus you create a character as Author and get born as human.

     Thank you for enhancing my story.


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