>> Thus operating as an OT is most effective when done so as a group.

Wilka miriaM ( wrote:

     You're asking me?  I just channel this crap.

     It comes from the analogy of a story with many Authors and many
     Even if each Author takes full responsibility for only one
character, the Author can not enhance the story of his one character
without changing the story of other Characters, thus running afoul of
the efforts of other Authors trying to enhance the story of their own
characters too.

     Thus Authors have to work together so the story gets enhanced for
all characters.

     The OT operates by adjusting the entire matrix of space/time, the
whole STORY gets adjusted, past, present and future.  When more than one
are doing this, it will causes cosmic ridges and failures unless they
dance together.

     Because the OT is adjusting the entire space/time matrix, even if
only just a wee bit at a time, there is no propagation delay because
propagation only applies to causes working within the space/time stream.
     The human tries to cause big changes in his small area of

     The OT tries to make small changes in the AllThatIS.

     The human has to exert an effort to make a postulate happen.

     The OT merely has to see how a story can be improved, so it is.

     The OT can bring business to his door, but the human has to get up
and ANSWER the door.

     Thus merely running

     "What makes for a good story?"
     "What makes for a bad story?"

     is enough to bring the OT changes into place, as the answers
tumble out of the matrix into the OT's view and appreciation.

     The OT doesn't have to DO anything, his mere understanding of the
better story is sufficient cause.
     Hey if you want to have OT powers you might as well have OT
powers, right?

     The one caveat is, that the OT way to KNOW that new understanding,
is to first NOT KNOW IT on purpose for a while.