Rogers ( wrote:

     >Okay.  Now my next question is, does this set of working truths
>you talked about pertain more to Enid's auditing or to your solo?

     Solo.  Enid is a helper.

     Basically my relative importances have moved towards
understanding exteriorization from the *MIND*, rather than from the
body, through auditing questions and answers, by running out the
question rather than by trying to find the answer.  Questions come in
chains, and failed questions lay down charge like nothing else.

     One starts with the premise that the Question IS the answer, and
then one finds the various chains of Questions where one tried to find
the answer instead and failed.  Thus the joke is revealed.
     "Why am I here?"  Because you been asking why are you here for
trillenia until it stuck you but good in the prepostulate that you
are here.

     "What's the purpose of life?"  To ask questions until you drown
in them.   :)
     Further attention expands to other beings, BT's, entities,
demons, deities, etc, and THEIR questions and failed questions.  My
dream life has become quite alive with all kinds of beings in them: of
the harrasive kind, some are easy to deal with, others impossible.
Each day is a new lesson in finding the next way to audit them into

     The easiest need merely to be walked towards, and they vanish.
     The next easiest deal with "You are a BT!" Some also need "Who
are you, what are you?" Some need it many times.

    The next hardest need "Who am I?  What am I?"

    The next hardest need "You are a composite being, how many are you?"
They also need an indication, 10's, millions, trillions.  Expect
trillions for many.

     The next hardest need "What do you want, and what can I do for you?"

     The next hardest need to be absorded into myself rather
than resisted or 'dealt' with at all.

     The next hardest I don't have an answer for yet, they win.
     Further attention is on the real reason for the black V
condition, which is related to interiorization into the body, heart
and mind, and various universes that are not being perceived.

    "If your black V were to lift, what would you see?"

    First E/P is being comfortable that one is a Black V! :)

     "What could you see that make you jump out of your skin?"

     Lastly attention has been directed to the real E/P of all OT
ability which is NOT 'able and willing to be here' as I have been
postulating for a long time, but is 'able to survive by being, rather
than by becoming'.  The earlier E/P then follows.

     Question asking IS the mechanism by which the being maintains his
decent from being into becoming.  'Answers' found no matter how
correct, act merely as as wrong indications, as the question itself is
the answer, being that the question continues the prepostulation of
     The auditing of questions and answers AS questions and answers,
including all auditing questions etc, is most powerful, as regards all
of the above, as most question asking is dramatization of surviving by
becoming, which sticks one in time and the body.