Phil Scott ( wrote:
>Early on, even before I became involved in scientology I could see
>that 'postulating' things was taking those people south.. 

     This is because the only thing that can be postulated is a
limitation on beingness, by creating a becomingness, space/time etc.

     The being is doing fine as a beingness, but engages in
becomingness to have fun, namely lose, suffer the joke etc.

     Once he is surviving by becoming, he tries to survive longer by
making good postulates, or make things survive his own death by making
them persist longer, but eventually all is dust in the wind.

     If there is a finite probability that something will happen,
given an infinite amount of time, it WILL happen.

     There is always a finite probability that anything trying to
survive by becoming will in fact not survive, so given enough time it
will always die.

     Thus postulates towards survival by becoming are a kind of cruel
joke, and one wonders why one's postulates don't work.

     That's because postulates don't posulate ability, they postulate

     It is the removal of postulates that leads to ability that lasts
forever, the ability of being, not the ability of becoming.

     This is also why 'learning lessons' is a sure route to having a
yoke around your neck of wisdom that sinks you to the bottom of the

     Freedom comes from unlearning lessons, unlearning postulates
of limitation.

     The free being has no need for lessons or postulates, except to
play the games of unfreedom.