CB Willis (cbwillis@adore.lightlink.com) wrote:
>>     ANY postulate is a descent from being into becoming and is a


>So?  (i.e. where are the applications of this?)

     Well the implied application is that time is better spent
clearing old postulates than trying to make 'good' postulates

     The being came INTO space/time on an imp trip, the OT motivation
was artistry and tapestry of humor, not goodness.  Well goodness in the
sense of a good story etc, not a good character.

     The mechanism was seeking answers to self answering questions.

     Motivation and mechanism.

     So once you are here, limitation is better erased than
counter postulated.

>What a lot of people call postulates are just wax on a dirty floor, ego
>and ordinary mind, personal will.  What I call postulates arise naturally
>from being, in alignment with your river of life, a reflection of mind and
>heart of God.

    The heart of God is divine, master of jokes.

    God is much more likely to go 'Boo!' at you, than be kind.


>- CBW

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