Heidrun Beer ( wrote:
>It is excellent, but makes one mistake. The writer assumes that
>the "real world" is all sane, which it is not. Being what he calls
>a "high achiever" myself, and being aware of several social parasites
>even in my own family, I have to concede that a person who is
>perfectly able and willing to work can end up on the street
>if they get entangled in, and torpedoed by, some network of insanity.

>To have solidarity with such people and help them to get going again
>is not some left wing "compulsive compassion disorder", it is
>fairness and common sense (and might even bring some good karma).

      At a practical level one has to admit to some levels of being a
victim.  Mother throws baby against wall for crying, breaks spine, baby
is in crutches all his life.  There are handicaps that are foisted upon
us from this point of view.

      Assholes are everywhere, the basic intent of assholes is to destroy
facility, to make life harder than it needs to be.  Most are trying to
make it easier for themselves by making it harder for others, to consume
what others produce so they don't have to produce or take the risk of
production themselves.

      Whether one believes in innocent victims or not, one does have to
take a practical stance about where to invest one's assets.

      If the rich were to give all their money to the poor, in a few
weeks everyone would be poor, because the poor wouldn't know what to do
with it.  They can consume but are poor producers.

      Sometimes the rich steal their wealth but that's a different
matter, most of them earn it and make a living for the rest.

      This is in part why when we offer things for bid, we don't hand
it out to first in liners.  They take most and deliver least.

      That's because they have spent the most time sleeping outside your
door for first light and doing nothing else of construct.

      Even while waiting for a handout, they aren't producing.

      And yes every investment must have a return, otherwise we all end
up dead.

      So we offer to the highest bidder, with some eye to charity for
those who are 'hopeless'.  But even there they would have to be a
complete vegtable before we didn't at least try to invest in their
education rather than free trips to the Bahamas.

      Anything we do that makes a non producer into a producer is a good

      The point is that people don't have a right to continued survival
just because they already exist.  Existence is earned.

      Existence is earned by being able or having been able to produce
more than you consume.

      Even if by just a little.

      That may sound terrible for the poor unfortunate victims who can't
produce, but if we allow the non producers to suck the affluence off the
producers, then the producers will go out of business and the non
producers will breed out of control, mostly criminal children who need
further support in jail by producers, and in the end everyone will
starve anyhow.

      Too much support for victim non producers turns the producers into
victims too.

      Redistribution of wealth is redistribution of victimness.

      Each producer has his margin, the amount he can produce over what
he needs to consume.  That margin is wasted by non producers who take it
from him at the point of a gun but who do not themselves enhance their
own production to consumption ration.

      So one has to do what is best for all dynamics.  Sow where you will
get a return, not where the cries are most plaintive.

      Sometimes you are the only one who can determine that you will GET
a return, so make sure you do, because you owe it to others who could do
more with what you are giving out.

      Lastly always earn your money before you give it away.

      Don't give your product or principal away to the poor for
then you have nothing to make money with.  Make the money first,
THEN give a percentage to charity.


Mon Nov 13 20:25:34 EST 2017