.DE LITE (freesolo@EGOfreenet.de) wrote:
>>     Adore says the answer is because mortal women, being
>> jealous of men,
>> hate their sons

>The question is WHY ?

     Adore says because the mortal woman stuck her self with the prime
(DED) postulate that she lived only once and never again.  She knew
that woman's relationship to man was like a child's relationship to a
woman, but in the case of a male child it would grow and become a man,
top of chain so to speak, while being a woman, her advancement stopped
short of the full glory of man.  (She missed that man had the same
problem with God because she didn't believe in God.)

     This was intolerable to her, the closest she could ever come to
BEING a man was to HAVE a man as a husband or give birth to a man as a
child.  Her solution to her torment was to emasculate the man by
refusing to operate in the man what the man had that she didn't and
which she needed to survive, in particular the master of offense
aspects of the man.

     By refusing to let the male child grow into a man and refusing to
train the man to take rank over her, the child was suffocated and came
to hate her and wish her dead.  The moment of attempted murder takes
place when the child sees it is being refused the right to take its
full responsibilities as a man over its own mother and women in
general that it must remain forever in its woman phase of development
as the mother thought she had to.  The male child feels wasted for naught.
     Thoughts of matricide however are suicidal, so they are displaced
into making other men the enemy rather than the mother.  Thus boys and
their toys march on their rampage and women wring their hands and play
'aint it awful'.

     It is fine to claim that the man is not an innocent victim and is
responsible for his own condition, but then too the woman is not an
innocent victim and is also fully responsible for her own condition.