.DE LITE (freesolo@EGOfreenet.de) wrote:
>> and try to make them other
>> than what a man should be.

>The question is WHAT "should" a man be ?

>What ELSE "could" a man be - other than MAN ?

     In any given sphere of activity where a being has just
entered it,

     Child = Master of Total Irresponsibility
     Woman = Master of Defense
     Man   = Master of Offense
     God   = Master of Total Responsibility

     CHILD  Mimickry      Body    Trade        Business
     Woman  Harmony       Heart   Expression   Art
     Man    Counterpoint  Mind    Discovery    Science
     God    New Beat      Soul    Creation     Religion
     A man SHOULD be a Master of Offense.
     A woman SHOULD be a Master of Defense.

     The mortal woman, being jealous of man's greater glory, freedom
and responsibility, refuses to allow him to grow beyond master of
defense which is his own woman phase of development.  She also refuses
to allow the man to successfully complete his own master of defense
development lest she have to admit he is better at it than she.

     When the man manages to grow into master of offense inspite of
the woman, the woman refuses to acknowledge and operate in the man
this capacity: 'women need a man like a fish needs a bicycle.' They
mean it too and their male sons show it.  Such women can't even
conceive of what the proper operating sphere of a man is.  They think
a man is some kind of damaged woman.

     "The idea that men have something wrong with them that women
don't, is something women have wrong with them that men don't." - Adore

     In this over populated society where having families and children
is passe, some women feel they can live without men.  Of course many
bigger woman can.  But most survive because of the surrounding
civilization that envelops them, chisled out of the earth, built and
designed on average mostly by men.

     Most women can drive a car true, but they haven't a clue how it
works, and it is a herculean task to teach them how it works, let
alone expect them to make the next step in its development.

     The woman phase being operates out of the heart not the mind.
     Also many beings are in female bodies who are actually in a male
phase of development, so they tend to be out with the boys on the
frontier becoming masters of offense themselves.
     And also there are a lot of beings in male bodies who are
practicing up on their woman phases of developement and would prefer
to stay home with the children.
    Beings can have many different goals each in a different phase
of developement, child, woman, man or God.
     On average however, a being in a male phase of developement on
his primary goals will prefer to have a male body, and a being in a
women phase will prefer a female body.

     One however needs the understanding that one has lived before,
and will live again if one wants, and that womanhood is a phase of
developement through manhood to godhood, and that one can be child,
woman, man or God, and is not permanently stuck forever in one or the
other.  This kills off the jealously and the overts of deportage that

     Take any mortal woman and put them on a meter and ask them what
they think of their tits.

     You will find the moment they decided they were stuck in the
woman phase forever and the beginning of the continuous overt life
against men and the child sons.