> My main purpose is to overcome the barrier of death.

     Attend to the barrier of birth then.

> When you are really able to exist without a body, this means that
> death is no more the catastrophic event it is currently.

     Nor is birth.  Birth stops/ruins everything.

     Birth is going to prison for a whole lifetime.

     Death is getting out of prison.

     Why fear death?

     One fears death because one fears birth.

     One fears getting out of prison because one fears getting
back in.  Prison is safe.  Freedom isn't.

> The most urgent target to achieve is the ability to change the body,
> when the old body is worn out, while maintaining the continuity of
> awareness.

     Rushing to a new body?


     So stupid for a curious person you are.

     Wants to be in a body but doesn't want to lose one.

     First Hellos imply Last Goodbyes.

     The ARCX on loss is an alter-is on the ARCX of original gain.

     When you first meet someone new, cry about not having known them
before and then laugh about the end, then and there, get it over with.

     It is the hello that upsets you, the surprise of first meeting, not
the goodbye at the end which is a certainty.

     Everytime you find someone or something new its "Oh my god
not another loss!"

     The loss at the end of the universe when we are all together again is
the biggest loss there is, because there won't be anyone new any more.

     When you take on a body, you take on its memory which
is nothing before birth/conception.

     It is possible to HAVE a body as a pet, and maintain
your own identity, but once you BECOME a body, you are dead meat.