Questions are havingness.

     Questions are like pretty baubles you wear on your wrist for all
to see.

     When you answer a question it goes poof!  It's gone.

     That's a loss of havingness, you see?

     Primary upset was with not knowing the answer to a question, all
the rest came afterwards, problems, overts, withholds, upsets, make

     People think they need to answer a question to solve their case.

     This is wrong, none of their questions will be answered until
long after they solve their case.

     Once all the somatics are gone, all the worry, anger, fear,
sorrow and regret are gone, once you have melded your male and female
halves and are living and breathing a continuous orgasm, once you can
live in not know forever for free and not care, then you will come up
with answers to your questions.

     So do your case a favor, throw your mind out the window, drop
kick it over the goal post and give yourself 10 points.

     Not talking about questions of a scientific nature, but of a
spiritual nature, where am I, what am I doing here, What's the story,
Jerry?  etc.

     "The exact attitude with which one approaches answering a
question determines whether or not one gets an answer.

      That exact attitude is Omni Sovereignty."  - Adore

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