Phil Scott ( wrote:

>That 'joke' aspect is your opinion... mine differs.    I see life as an
>ongoing discovery advance and correction that reshapes the entire matrix of
>life in the universe.    

     This is the virtual facade that life puts on for us in the
virtual reality of life.
>The quality of that life is not a joke at all.

    Yes, it is manifesting seriousness.

     Basically you have not gotten the joke which indicates a SERIOUS
lack of divine visionary experiences.

    Awake    = Peace, Love, Humor
    Dreaming = Permanence, importance, seriousness and pain.
>However I can see how you can spin that with semantics so that you can refer
>to such irony as a 'joke'.   The implications are inappropriate.

     No you have no clue what I am talking about.

     The dreamer joined the dream of life intentionally.  It is not
something put upon him.  He may have entered as a bug to evolve to
something higher, but its all a play in the end.

     God is an Imp Soul that likes to pretend he's a bug.

     The name on this universe is "Killer Pit".
>One does not see the horrors of war as very funny.   

     Well presumably like most of us, you have not awoken yet to get
the Joke.

     One only finds the humor when one finds out how and why one got
involved with it in the first place.

     You have totally missed every word I have ever written on this

     So we will say it again:

     Tragedy and Travesty, Romance and Sin,
     Miracles and Majesty, that's where I've been.

     Miracles in Majesty, Romance and Song,
     Tragedy and Travesty, that's where I've gone.

     The fact that I'm still here, is PROOF don't you see,
     In the omni long run, it's better to BE.

     Halcyon and Thrill, High Cool and Romance,
     In faithless free fancy, I chose to dance.

     Pride is my willingness, my willingness to BE,
     I Adore me FOREVER, For ever for FREE.