I have shown the proof to a number of people, and tried to show it
to many more.

      The issues stated below are valid even today.  But there are
differences amongst people.

      I have one newer friend, an advanced scientific mind in mathematics
and physics and he 'got it' very fast and cleanly.  He, like myself,
finds the idea that we chose to forget while coming into this life to be
astounding but even he can wrap his wits around it and work with it to
find an approach to undoing the choice to forget if its there.

      I have an older friend, with a much huger mind, who understands
the proof but can't get past the idea that he might be a wrong robot,
one who is programmed to SAY he is certain of something or another, but
is wrong anyhow.  So he is certain he can't be certain of anything,
and he doubts even that!  Even he can see the self referencing,
self denying logic loop in that statement "I doubt that I doubt",
he just says well, I could still be a wrong robot etc, so how can
I trust anything I say?  He trusts his doubt more than his
certainty that he doubts!

      He sees that he sees but doesn't see that he sees for SURE.

      He once told me that he didn't WANT to be certain of anything
because it was too scary.

      Then I have another friend who through many years has come to
understand the proof and see it is true, hundreds of hours of work.

      Then I have other friends who understand it but deny it.

      Then others who can't understand it at all.

      So it goes.

      Basically 'out thereness' is an illusion in a zero dimensional
consciousness.  The illusion gives us a game to play in space and time
which don't exist beyond the TV monitor picture of it in our minds.  The
universe is a multi player virtual reality game.

      Huggie below likes to argue about what he doesn't understand, but
won't admit WHAT he doesn't understand, he just can't give it back to me
in his own words, so its kind of useless.


huggieoh (huggieoh@clear.net.nz) wrote:
>My, My, do I sense MWs beyond that bad language; but Homer deserves Browie
>points for at least answering like a good PC. And I do have a better
>understand now but a long way to go to agreement.

>   BTW. I have been CERTAIN of my immortality since age 12 but I am pretty
>sure that to regard the PU as dreamstuff is a banana skin south!

      Pretty sure, based on what evidence?

      All you have ever seen is your conscious picture of the PU, and
symbols do not prove referent.

      Now Huggie, you have disparaged my integrity.

      You have actually blamed me for something that comes from your own
failing, namely a failing to understand what I have said.

      I DARE YOU to post ONE QUESTION that I have avoided answering
because I *COULDN'T*.

      Questions based on your MU's are not answerable.

      You also show a CLEAR pattern of reading scattered articles that I
write, and even those not carefully, and thus miss the answers to most
of your questions already posted.

      You also read what I write with the prejudiced opinion that my
ideas are probably nuts in the first place, and therefore do not give
them serious attention that they require and deserve.

     "At first they said it wasn't true.
      Then they said it was true but unimportant.
      Then they said it was true and important but they had
known it all along."  - Idiot Galore.

      Just because you SEE the apprency of space, doesn't mean there IS 

      Insanity is assigning a quality of the symbol to a quality of the
referent just and only because its a quality of the symbol.

      The conscious universe exists, but has no dimension.

      PU does not exist except as delusory consideration overlaid on top
of experiences in the conscious universe.

>As to my misunderstanding him, LRH said the originator is responsible for
>making his comm. duplicable and easily understood.

      Yes, and I try.  But beings who are no longer lucid in the dream
have a few trillion megatons of force in the face fusing symbols and
referent, so they assign the actuality of the dream picture to the
alleged PU referent out there.

      In talking to them, I find they continuously confuse symbols with
referent and are generally incapable of tracking with the words I am

      They also have a criminal intent to not know that the world is a
dream, lest they wake up from it, and thus although I am responsible for
any undertaking I might take on, some people are better left asleep.

      The proof is not something new, it is something people used to know
and they maintained their sovereignty with it.  They help their position
space with it, because THERE WAS NO SPACE and they knew it, except in
virtual reality.

      Once they lost the proof, they flipped *PERMANENTLY* from
Orientation Point to Symbol, and thus lost their sovereignty, power, and
*CERTAINTY* of Immutability (Immortality).

      Thus if they no longer know it, can not repeat back in their own
words with complete understanding, it is only because they CHOSE to not
know it.

      My attempt to show the proof here on this list is a first, probably
almost impossible except for those who already have it, even if only

      Mostly I am posting for posterity sake, not with any real hope of
getting it across.

      In person, I can walk a willing client through the proof in a
couple of days, I have done it in 5 minutes with one.  But for the more
confused it takes clay table and more clay table, and then auditing out
centuries of false certainties, until they get lucid enough to even see
their own agency let alone reach a perfect certainty on anything.

      Most people aren't even perfectly sure they exist!

      Then there is the willing factor, most are not yet ready to take
responsibility for Behemoth, or look into the eye of the dragon.

      "Only he who made it can approach unto it." - Bible


Wed Oct 12 17:12:02 EDT 2016