There are 4 great Lies that man has believed and still does.

      1.  The Earth is flat.  That one is history.

      2.  The Earth is the center of the universe.  That one too is

      3.  We live only once.  Well people are beginning to wake up to
this one, its hard to confront the amnesia, as the good/evil love/hate,
beauty/ugly, worry/faith, light/dark, being/becoming are too strong to
confront easily on the other side of oblivion.

      Worry turns the light off, and considerations that 'its too good to
be true' make it hard to seek.  When it does open up, one gets the odd
feeling that one doesn't have permission to enter it yet etc.

      A life of worry and suffering seems to be more comfortable than
infinite freedom forever for free.

      The fourth lie is,

      4.  The physical universe is actual and exists outside of our
conscious pictures of it.  This is in fact not true.  The world is a
hologram, a holodeck in the vernacular.  We have a long ways to go on
this one.  Truth is, the multidimensional space time physical universe
just doesn't exist at all, it is a projected hologram in a zero
dimensional operating actuality called the AllThatIs or Source.

      Source dreams what source is not.

      Dreams of not made of matter, energy, space and time, they are made
of conscious pictures in the mind of a conscious unit, you and me, but
dreams are OF matter, energy, space and time, a virtual reality with no

      Source dreams of dimensionality, but source itself is scalar, zero
dimensional.  People have a hard time conceiving how something could
have zero dimensions and not be a nothing.  They have a zero dimensional
entity confused with a 0x0x0 3 dimensional entity which is in fact a

      A 3 dimensional entity with 0 length in each dimension is not the
same thing as zero dimensional entity with no dimensions at all to have
zero length in.  Zero length in an existing dimension produces a
nothing, a chunk of gold 3x3x0 is no gold.  That's not the same as
scalar gold, which would be a very real something if it existed.

      So Source is scalar, zero dimensional, and its main purpose is to
either rest in peace or virtually shatter into facets of itself to
experience illusions of dimension in the fabric of consciousness.

      Thus the idea that God, some big conscious unit out there, made the
physical universe out of actual matter, energy, space and time, and put
little conscious units like me and thee, made in his image, into it, is
actually very cracked, because it posits separation all over the place.
where there is none, and CAN NOT BE ANY.

      The cracked idea is that God is there, physical universe is here, I
am put in here also by God.  So the little being supplicates to God to
help him deal with this monsterosity of a physical universe and the
beings in it.

      The truth is there is no help from God, because we are that God,
and we can only help ourselves.  The upside, is that we are all
powerful, and once we admit and reseat ourselves in the saddle of
Sovereignty, we can make miracles happen again in our own life and in
others as long as we don't underestimate the *ENORMITY* of this
undertaking and don't try to micromanage our godhood and magic.

      It is so trite to move the marble on the table, or read a book a
couple of countries away.  Such crass display or use of spiritual power
leads nowhere.

      It is much easier for a single mind to change the course of a
civilization than to move a marble on the table with telekinesis, but
both are possible.

      If one is able and willing to CREATE the table and the marble out
of whole cloth, and the planet it resides on, and the sun it goes
around, and the galaxy it lives in and the universe that holds it all,
then one can move the marble.

      Easier to change the course of a civilization though, because then
one only has to affect the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical
minds of 6 billion men.  They are fluid and easily influencable compared
to a stumpy marble which doesn't want to be moved at all.

      Truth is the AllThatIs is God, and we are that God after the
shattering took place, looking back at each other through illusory space
and time.  God is not a single being.

      The pictures of conscious experience take place in the fabric of
God, the fabric of ourselves in fact.

      Take a look at an LCD screen, perhaps some kids ball game.  Ball
rolls across the screen, is anything moving?  No, only the position of
polarization is changing on the LCD screen.  When not polarized it is
clear, unmanifest.  When it is polarized, it is black, you have

      The fabric of God is our consciousness, 'matter' is polarized
fabric.  The marble 'rolls' across the table, but nothing is moving,
only the position of projected polarization is moving.  There is no *ONE
MARBLE* that moves from here to there.  Even when it is still, it is new
every moment like a candle flame that is perfectly still on a windless
night.  It's not the same flame from moment to moment in any sense of
the word.  Neither is the marble as time moves along.  The whole
universe is the candle flame of God projecting manifestation in His own
fabric for HIS OWN sharing of self love and enjoyment.

      The world out there is, in fact, a virtual dream tatoo our own soul
and so it is with everyone else too.  Thus one can't get out of the
universe, it IS oneself glowing in the dark of the apaprent void.  One
can stop projecting it, but then one is asleep forever, or until the
next time one is moved to project again.

      When we die, we wake up, just like from a sleep dream, to the next
dream level out.  I don't know how many dream levels there are, but its
not infinite, wake up enough and one is God again, completely unmanifest
and conscious of nothing, as all consciousness-of is dream time.  The
top is like the Big Snooze from which the "multi I-AM" God, the great
unmanifest, once in a while pours ITSELF back into manifestation again.

      So its fun to hunt down how the virtual reality works using virtual
reality machines (science), but little is gained on how the virtual
reality is projected in the first place, the ACTUAL actuality, and
that's what people are beginning to wake up to.

      Scientists of the Rock, are studying dream machines using dream
instruments.  It's useful to make the virtual dream machine of spacetime
around us and the gizmos in it respond to our will, but this does little
to advance the understanding of dream machines themselves, namely their
source of manifestation.

      It isn't true that consciousness exists in the physical universe,
the physical universe exists inside of our consciousness as a virtual
projection.  It vanishes completely as does a dream once all attain the
awakened state again, as it never existed in actuality, only in reality,
(what people think is true, what is REAL to them).  What is real to the
dreamer is the dream, not the mechanism of how the dream is projected,
created and maintained.

      In dreams the dream is real, but in truth only Source is actual.

      Fractals are a clear indication that the world is one hell of a lot
cooler than most might have presumed during their 'we already know
everything' phase of growing up.

      Sophmorish Chairs at best.

      Scientifically spoiled brats at worst.

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