homer wrote:
>>      Women criticize what they are jealous of.
>>      Men who are brought up by jealous women

m (hammonia@SPamNOsonnenkinder.org) wrote:
>talking about yourself + mother(s) ?

      Yes, me as a specific example of a wide generality.

      In particular we are talking about *MORTAL* women who do not
believe they have ever been a man, nor ever will be, and who do not
believe they *CHOSE* to be a woman, who also bring up *MORTAL* sons.

      A mortal is one who believes they are mortal whether or not they

      None of this applies to truly immortal women, female bodies with
awake thetans in them, not just ones pretending to be awake.

>>      become proof to the woman that they are right
>>      to criticize men and not be jealous of them.  "Who would want to
>>      be a man?"

>(bit difficult to follow your thought) (i try)

      Women criticize men because women are jealous of men.

      Women are seeking mastery of defense.

      Men are seeking mastery of offense.

      Men who are demasculated by jealous mothers, then act 'offensively'
to women and the world at large, mostly out of suppressed matricidal
rage, thus justifying women's criticism of men as sub human, thus
continuing the man's rage and offensiveness.

>Does that mean "jealous woman / mother"
>was successfull in making Son love HER
>more than women-of-appropriate-'position' (peer)


      It means that jealous mother makes son hate mother and self, but
son is not free to commit (or chickens out from) matricide, which is the
worthy goal through kamikaze, and substitutes destroying others
randomly.  It is basically cowardice on the man's part, and needs to be
audited out, as kamikaze was the correct action, against an inaccessible
psychotic mortal mother.

>Is HE still in love with mother and thus
>NOT-free for women of his like kind ?

      All men still love their original vision of the ideal mother they
could have had.  The emotional curve is steep though, and quite infinite
into the abyss of loss.

      But it MUST be recovered for the man to go clear, so as far as he
is concerned his mother WAS and still is the ideal woman/mother.

      What his mother actually still is becomes just so much halloween
adornment of a witches mask.

      Depends on where the man is on the CDEINR scale relative to a sane

      Curious about
      No(ne of)

      A sane woman will try to put the man into first gear and get him to
drive in a straight line in service of the woman and her children.

      Men know this instinctively when it happens, they don't take orders
directly from the woman on HOW to do what they need to do, as they out
rank the woman, but they do get their mission statement from the woman
and live in service to the women and her children.

      Vision statement: A better world through education.

      Women's mission statement: Build a school already!

      Men: "Yes mam."

      If the man is in inhibited, no or refused on the matter, he won't
respond kindly to such activity.  If he is still half sane, he will jump
for joy.

      It doesn't take much however to bring a man up from the lower
levels, just grab his gear shift, put it into first gear and INSIST that
he take rank and responsibility over the women/child parts of the 4 fold
dynamic child/woman/man/God.

      Also insist that *HE* put *GOD* (in the same grade) into first gear
and drive God in a straight line in service to himself and his women,
just as the women should be doing to him.

      Yes man gives God in the same grade the mission statement.

      It produces sane males very fast, but most mortal women are
completely incapable of it, the sorrow of their jealousy is infinite and

      Just as the spoiled child refuses to operate the mother, and the
mother refuses to operate the man, the man so too refuses to operate the
God, and away we go down the tubes.

      The child can not do what the woman can do nor live without the
woman's help.

      The woman can not do what the man can do nor live without the man's

      The man can not do what a God in the same grade and do, nor live
without the God's help.

      And the God can not do what the child at the nextg level up can do,
no live without the help of that child.

      Denying the ladder of dependency is insane and produces atomic war.

>I admit. "I'm jealous!" - not much though,
>not often, but it's *quality, which counts for you
>not *quantity, rite ?!

      You are not a mortal any longer or perhaps never were.

      Thus none of this may apply to you.

>> except when they are just getting their tits.
>> You got a small window of opportunity there of about 3 months
>> in there to get the truth out of them.

>what exactly do you mean ?

      Before girls get their tits, they think they are boys, or that boys
and girls are basically the same.

      As their tits start to grow, they realize with great force that
they are not boys, will never be boys, and are thus limited to an inner
circle of the child, woman, man, God 4-tuple, and will be forever
dependent on men more than men are dependent on them, and will never be
able to go fully where men go, because the woman can not go where she
dare not take her children.

      As one seeking master of defense, it is the woman's job to build
the barrier of safety around the community to protect the children and

      So we need to grow up already about this.

      The woman's place is not in the kitchen, but with the children.

      As one seeking master of offense it is the man's job to go beyond
that defensive barrier around the community and seek danger before it
seeks him.  Woman with child would never do this.

     Now if the young girl just getting her tits knows that she is an
immortal being who chose her girl body for a reason and still has
affinity for that choice, she will welcome her tits and her new
relationship to boys, who put bluntly, basically take rank over her.
Men are pilot, woman is co pilot.

     Now yes a women in the 5th grade out ranks a male in the 4th grade,
but we are talking about men and women in the same grade, here.

     If you must have a woman in a place that outranks the men under
her, make sure the woman is in a higher grade than the men.  She will at
least have a clue what she is in command of because she herself went
through the male phase of the grade below her to get into the higher
grade she is in now.

     So a 5th grade woman has earned her 4th grade balls.

     But in general women in any grade have no clue what men are in the
same grade, so giving them a position of power over men in the same
grade will result in revolt, and probably rape.

     For example, women who biologically in general do not have the
extreme strength that men in the same grade do, have no clue what it
means to have that strength (except to abuse women), nor what to do with
it.  They can't even think with the issue in a straight line.

     Woman may issue the mission statement to the man to get something
done, but the man REQUESTS it from the woman.  The man can veto it, or
the man can execute it according to his expertise, and the man retains
rank over the woman in the same grade.

     So you don't give manpower over to women to do with as they will
any more than you would give a atom bomb to a child to do with as he

     As an aside, a woman in the same grade as her son, out ranks
the son until the son is able to defend the woman where the woman
can not, at which point the son takes rank over the woman.

     In this sense it is the woman's job to make leaders out of her
children, because one day her son's at least will lead HER, and her
daughters will lead their sons to also become leaders over them.

     Lower grade women, say in the 3rd grade who are still pushing the
lie that women and men are equal will marry a 2nd grade man to prove her
point.  This will result in disaster all around.

     That's like a green co pilot seeking out an even greener pilot to
be her pilot because the co pilot doesn't want to admit she is co pilot.

      "Listen now closely women.

      Your family is a starship, a ship of stars, star captains, and star
capability.  You are co-pilot.  Choose your pilots wise then, and your
children will be pilots too." - Adore

      But if the young girl is mortal, believes she never had a choice in
becoming a women instead of a man, and will never have the choice in the
the injustice of getting the short end of the deal.

      Then she will trash the Master/Apprehentice relationship that
defines the God/male/female/child roles in one grade, she will cease
giving out mission statements to men except to order them to become

      Its hard being a man, war and everything, lot easier to be a women
some might say, and so the young girl will then say it is better to be a
woman than a man, men start all the god damn wars anyhow, don't they
etc, boys and their toys you know, but this is all sour grapes, it is
criticism covering jealousy.

      If you have a problem with men, go to the hole from which
they cralwed out.


      The girl would be endlessly happy to be a man and go around raping
killing and sucking blood for fun like she keeps complaining about.  At
least she would be a man and be 'free'!

      In her eyes, being a girl is like having to be a child that NEVER
gets to fully grow up and be an independent adult with full privs.  In
her own eyes, she only gets to be half an adult and that pisses her off
no end.

      "Girls grow up before boys do, but boys grow up, girls never do."

      Now by the time the tits are filled in, she is hiding them, no one
had better touch them or see them, let alone some disgusting boy, and
thinks men are terrible and well on her way to becoming a diesel dyke.

      (A diesel dyke is a lesbian born purely of male hatred.
Homosexuality has other causes, some may be natural.)

>"three months" to see tits grow full size ?
>"three months" to deal with the cancer ?

      The auditor has about 3 months of accessibility in the girl while
she is still able to face and complain about being a girl, after that it
switches over to complaining about how bad men are.

      The REAL motivator is being a girl.  The PROFFERED SELL motivator
is men.

>>      Breast cancer resolves under auditing of 'No Sympathy for tits'.
>Yes! - youre right. All cancers have to do with no/love-affaires.

      Specifically *NO SYMPATHY* on the tone scale.  Don't get it wrong.
The item and dramatization is quite exact.

>>because jealous women won't screw a man who tells her to "Screw your

>huh ?

      Well jealous women won't screw a man who won't submit to the party
line that men and women are equal, and how bad men are and how badly
women are treated and what poor dear innocent victims women are etc.

      Women see men as genetically inferior or damaged women.

      Men see women as children.

      Hey guys try it out.  Next time some incipient dyke is screaming
about how bad men are, tell her "Women criticize what they are jealous
of", and if she admits it, ACKNOWLEDGE IT, and see if she doesn't spread
her legs for you.  You might be surprised, for women on the edge of the
abyss, pointing out the truth to them can be the "Open Sesame" of a fine

      It unmisses their chronic long term missed withhold that they hate
men because they hate being a girl.

      The rest that don't respond to the above, will become tarantulas
and scurry off into their nest of darkness.

      "Any mother can turn her son into a monster.

      Men are monsters.

      How do women do it?

      I mean to have something come out of your cunt and not know whether
it is going to rape, kill or suck blood, must really be something else."

      From Adore.

      The reason that Adore holds women responsible for the outcome of
their sons, is because men take their marching orders, their rank, and
their mission statement from women, namely the mother.

      The mother's failure to nurture and raise men to out rank and
become leaders of women, results in men as you know them today.

      Women can live under the illusion that they can be equal to men in
scope, span, depth and field, because most men were never allowed to
grow beyond the best of womanhood.

      Womanhood can barely conceive of true manhood, just as the child
can barely conceive of true womanhood, the man can barely conceive of
true godhood, and the god can barely conceive of true childhood at the
next level up.

      The best that many women can conceive of is rotten motherhood, and
so that is about what their men (sons) become, rotten mothers in male

      Many generalizations have exceptions.

      Are you one of them?


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