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>Give it up, Homer.  
>Nothing helps.  
>Nothing works.
>You will always be subject to these dreams.  
>All is lost.

     Actually the dreams themselves are blow offs of charge directly
resulting from my own solo auditing.

     When the dreaming stops, or they become banal, only then do I start
to worry about not making case gain in the waking state.

     The blow off dreams are always lessons.

     The bug dreams are lessons in not resisting, the bugs drop off and
go away.  Flinch a bit and they bite in harder.

     The babe dreams are both reward and also lesson, because getting a
girl or a whole beach of them to drop their shirts by a mere thought is
an art in itself.

     The lost and lonely dreams are also a lesson.  If I go LOOKING for
babes or people, I never find them, but if I just sit down and expect
them to show up, they materialize out of nowhere.  Its the most amazing
thing I know.

     Problem is it doesn't seem to work in real life.

     First thing is, things and people can't just materialize out of
nowhere in the waking state, they gotta come from SOMEWHERE, and it
takes a lot of energy and effort to move from somewhere to somewhere
else, namely where I am, and it has to coincide with their own
postulates and needs at the time.

     The simultaneous equation of having a babe show up right here,
right now where I am, is a lot harder.

     Second thing is there are a lot of conflicting postulates on whether
we would want that to happen or not in the waking state.

     In dreamtime it doesn't matter that I already have 3 jealous wives,
except with they enter the dream too :)

     But beyond that it just doesn't seem to work.

     Also like when applied to business, it would seem that just sitting
in a dark room and not doing anything at all will not bring business to
the door.  One has to do SOMETHING to make people show up wanting
services etc.  This is a major problem for us in present time, competing
against the giants of the communications industry like Time Warner and
Verizon phone.

     But one can go bonkers trying to figure out what to DO to bring in
business, and frankly its just like the dreams where the more I look the
less I find, so I gotta wonder if there ain't some kind of zen of not
doing that I could be doing that would bring the contracts in.
     But still the dreams remind me that 'command' is more effective
than effort, when I go LOOKING for babes, I find dirt, and oil
pollution, and darkness, and dank evil putridness, but if I sit down in
the middle of all that crud, where no babe would ever go on her own,
they just show up.  Its really miraculous.

     Adore teaches about the prior postulate to the question, that the
question keeps the prior postulate in effect.

     The postulate that I have to go find babes implies the postulate
that there ain't no babes presently here.  So the more I look for them,
the more I am postulating I don't have them and so the less I have even
when I look, they are always off receding into the distance.

     But it takes unbelievable confront to sit down in the deepest,
dankest darkest part of dream town and just expect babes to show up.  I
mean you should at least GO to where babes MIGHT show up, you see?  Like
a library, or an eating place, or someplace pretty and safe.
     But that solidifies two postulates, 1.) that babes only go
some places, so you gotta go there to meet them, and 2.) you still ain't
got no babes right where you are.
     So taking the intention to just sit down where I am, and not do
ANYTHING to find babes, and they will come and find me is one of the
hardest thing to do in the world, yet in the dreams it works every time,
well most every time.  Sometimes I get a lot of fags showing up, blecch,
but I try to be nice and affectionate, at least they are better than
     I don't know why the lesson of sitting still rather than looking
for something sometimes fails, and I am grateful that most of the time
it works.

     So if I could just apply that little lesson to SOMETHING in the
real world, I would be greatly happy.

     Dreams are also a selection out of a huge collection of nasty
engrams, so if I am swimming in cool clear water, almost heaven to me,
and I so much as get the idea that there might be something nasty
swimming with me, sure enough the pool or water becomes instantly full
of prehistoric monsters with a 1000 teeth per.

     It takes a LOT of confront to think 'They will now swim with me
rather than AT me' like friendly dolphins. :)
     Now the BT's form a whole other lesson as I have recorded here many

     I presume every being in my dream is a BT or being or composite or
something living from somewhere.

     Some are very fragile, if I so much as look at them too hard, their
eyes go wide and they start to melt.

     Some are unconfrontably strong, I can't do a thing with them, its
like fighting living stone.  Sometimes I can absorb them into me as a
last gesture of non resistance, but that is not a clean solution, they
are still there in side me!

     (Last night I ran into a seriously dead and ugly bunch of ghouls,
and one of them looked at me and said 'Let's see how wise you are', and
he walked right into me and half way through, where he got stuck.  I
could as-is most of him, but not all of him.  This was HIS choice to
walk into my body, usually I pull them in, or walk into them.
Maintaining cause helps as-is the meld afterwards.)

     On others, I can do a single round of what are you, who are you,
and they start to come apart.  But others will taunt me, I will start
'What are you' and they go 'Yeah yeah, who are you, what are you, who
are you, what are you' and start laughing their heads off.

     So I try 'how many are you?' That gets a few of them.

     Then 'When are you?' and that gets more.

     Then 'Why are you?' and that gets more.

     Then "How can I be of service to you?" and that gets more.

     The rest I haven't solved yet.

     Some need to be indicated how many they might be, up in the 100
trillions, when you get too high, they look at you and shake their
heads, as if to say 'nah no way, I ain't that many!' and you go back
down by powers of 10, until they nod and start behaving.

     Now don't get me wrong I don't usually go trying to unmock the
beings in my dreams, I would rather play with them, but if they turn out
to be difficult or harassing, or invading or antagonistic then they
become fair game.

     I have run into beings in my dreams so strong that my only possible
course of action is to become part of THEIR game lest they unmock or
crush me!



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