> Just prior to saying, "Start of Session!", I might just ask, "What exactly
> would you like handled in this session?"

     I would refuse to run this question even if it were asked
after start of session where it belongs.

     Its main problem is it puts the pc into an immediate think about
what, of all the things he wants handled in life, CAN be handled in this
one session.  Some things he wants handled in life are going to take more
than one session.  Limiting his items to those HE thinks can be handled in
one session is a session killer.

    Perhaps it is just me, but the idea that one session could completely
handle one of ANYTHING is a joke.

    The way I am running it is as posted to clear-l yesterday.

    What would you like to handle in life?

    List it dry, noting reads and VGI items.

    Just spotting the entire constellation of things wanted to be handled
will produce startling results, laughter and cognitions.  He will also
note conflicts, "I want my memory back", "Who needs a memory, rather just
drop kick it over the goal post and never see it again."

    Then one has to determine HOW to run the remaining items still of
interest.  One imagines each item is a 'pile' of charge laid down each
time the limiting postulate was made ("I am limited") and continued by
the self answering question ("How do I handle this?") that followed.
He keeps the postulate and charge pile in restim by continuing the
questions into the future for the rest of time.

    Going down the pile to the first time the postulate and question were
engaged in might be of use to find the postulate and question, but once
the postulate and question are found probably the whole pile will blow in
a line charge without recovery of specific incidents.

     Another issue comes up which is the *AUDITOR'S* willingness
to run and handle items.

     Never let school get in the way of your education, and never let
your Guru/CS/auditor get in the way of your case gain.

     My first item on this process what do I want to handle in life was:
my life.

     Meaning my life is like a somatic, I want to get rid of it

     VGI item was "I never want to see bodies again."  Laughed for half an
hour on that one.  No wonder I am black V, memory bank full of pictures of
bodies etc.  Hours later visio starting to crack open etc...

     Now auditor goes, "Oh no, can't have pc killing himself or engaging
in kamikaze, and we certainly don't want him dropping out of the body
game!  Who would pay the cog taxes?"

     So auditor refuses to run the item and auditor presses pc for items
that are acceptable to auditors.

     Auditor then becomes kamikaze item.

     Omni well done, and Omni Amen.