>The only thing I can call it
>really is the "end of death" cognition. And I don't mean going exterior
>for the first time or going whole track for the first time - those
>things really bring it home to an individual that they really are a
>being, not just a body. This is the end of death - as a being. The
>certainty that you can and will pull through no matter what, that
>nothing can ever really totally overwhelm you - that you're OK and
>you've always been OK.

      "There is peace in the thought that one day all men will attain the
awakened state.

      You could not, would not have chosen it any other way."

      It relates, per my subjective reality, to OT8 >somehow in a way
that I haven't quite figured out - maybe it is even >OT8 -

      Well if OT8 is total responsibility for condition, then running

      "What could I choose?"
      "What would I choose?"
      "What should I choose?"

      will answer much of "What did I choose?"

      and get you to the point of understanding that ALL creations are
made in a WHILE of finite length no matter how long or arduous.

      Violating that 'while' by wishing off or even believing in
forevers (in time) will end you up stuck in the while for exactly as
long as you continue to believe in temporal forevers for anyone.

      "This dream ends forever when the circle of friends are all
holding hands again."

      That means the while ends resulting in an ETERNAL forever which
is interspersed with finite temporal whiles of game playing.

      The being does not want to live forever in time, he wants to live
for a while, a continuing infinite  number of times, interspersed with eternal
sleeps called Big Snoozes.

      Since that is what the being wants, that is what is true, as
existence does not and CAN NOT consist of a fundamental conflict or lack
of accord between what the being wants and what is.

Mon Nov 26 14:42:54 EST 2018