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>Ron might very well have already had this, but I think CBR was the one to 
>articulate this basic.  It's an additional element.  Not only does a thetan 
>mock up a games paradigm (a universe) and then enter it, the thetan 
>postulates that universe as a "not-self."  Becomes self-determinedly 
>dominated by that postulate upon interiorization into the universe.  Becomes 
>self-modified by that postulate as long as participation in the universe 
>continues.  Probably applies to the entire universe, but PARTICULARLY to the 
>interiorization into a playing piece.  Takes on a "not-self" attribute that 
>is obviously going to be basic on amnesia and "being a body," right?


     Further the thetan identifies with one side of a dicom item as
'self' and enemies out the other side.  Its the postulate that "the
other side must not exist, must never have existed, and must never exist
again, and I didn't invite it into the game in the first place, and my
job is to make you not exist forever and ever amen, so we can enjoy our
football field for what it was intended to be used for, planting
flowers", is what sticks the being in his fair chosen cement shoes.

     You see good people would never have created evil people to fight,
so of course good never wins and eventually becomes evil.

     You can't win over what you won't PUT THERE.
     You become what you resist if you lose to it, but the only way to
to win over evil, to vanquish evil, to stop evil, to stop anything is to
start it again, create the perfect duplicate.  If the being, couldn't,
wouldn't or shouldn't start evil again, then he can only stop it, and he
goes insane at that moment, totally devoted to destroy etc, and the
irresponsibility for condition, fixation on stop without operating start
etc, sinks him forever more into what he is fighting.  He closes
terminals with it, eventually feels sorry for it, no matter how evil it
is, those sad eyes and all, and finally becomes it.
     No sympathy -> Sympathy -> Propitiation -> Becoming it.

     Total responsibility is holding onto all three corners of start ->
change -> stop at the same time, thats pan determinism.

     Once a being let's go of start and slides all the way to only stop,
or let's go of stop and fixates at start, then he's a goner, actually a
persister, which is the same thing as a goner :)
     He's gone into sticking around forever and ever.

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     Tragedy and Travesty, Romance and Song,
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