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>True enough.  But one CAN'T just imagine that one is the only player and 
>everybody else is just your mockup either.  You can't handle an SP by 
>attempting to make a "perfect duplicate" of him/her and his/her actions. 
>You can't handle an SP by improving one's own willingness to confront or 
>mockup evil.  Bottom line, you cannot handle an SP by making changes in YOUR 
>OWN UNIVERSE.  That's not the source of the SP, nor where he/she lives.

     I disagree completely.

     First, one is not trying to change the SP, that's just PTSness,
trying to make the SP wrong.  One is trying to change one's own relation
to the SP, so one is no longer PTS.  At that point the SP changes

     The problem solved in one's own space then solves in the SP's space
     LRH had a good process for SP's, point at it and go 'Nothing

     Of course one would actually have to run this.

     OK, here's the full truth of the matter.

     The thetan as native state is an all powerful Orientation Point and
a creator of symbols, that have mass, meaning and mobility.

     Anything he considers comes to be in the mere consideration of it.
     Once the thetan has created his playing field of space time
symbols, including identities of good and evil etc, he then jumps in.
By doing so he is no longer the infinite stationary orientation point
but has become a symbol himself with the limited powers and abilities of
that symbol.

     Then he is approached by his opposition terminal, that which must
never be, never have been, and never be again.
     If it ain't forever, it ain't his opposition terminal.

     That's because there ARE no forevers inside a space time while.

     Thus he is going PTS to the forevernesss of this other thing, which
exceeds even his own sovereign desire or ability to create it, since his
creations are limited to finite whiles.

     Of course his opposition terminal CAN'T be forever, nothing can be
inside a space time while, but as long as your preclear thinks it can
be, he is doomed, he can't win by definition.

     As he goes PTS, he assigns the SP more and more orientation point
ability, until the SP is everywhere present, unmovable and omnipotent.
The SP is actually just a symbol too, but he's a bigger symbol to the
thetan who is now playing the cute little innocent victim etc.  The
thetan has a game now in other words.

     The moment you run into something that is 'unmovable' and you can't
kick it out of your space you have just become PTS to the SP

     The solution the thetan has to this is to move HIMSELF around, away
from, do anything at all but just stay where he is.

     That's called ELSEWHERENESS.

     Since power stems from the ability to maintain your position in
space, he gives a part of himself a way every time he moves away from
the SP orientation point that no longer has to move, not even to chase
him, since it just gets bigger and expands in the preclear's mind until
it is everywhere.

     So the once unmovable all powerful orientation point, your preclear
as sovereign native state being, is now moving it self around to save
its own ass.

     So the thetan originally is unmovable, but he has flip flopped his
perception so he is movable and the world is unmovable and something big
in the world moves in on him and he gets scared and what does he do?

     *HE MOVES*.

     The moment he moves he has committed to his postulate that he is a
symbol and this other thing is an oreintation point (thus all powerful).

     Before he moves he has merely made the postulates, I am a symbol, I
can move, the world is unmovable, things out there bigger than me can
move me etc.
     But he hasn't done anthing to hold them in place.

     If he so much as blinks, he will flip back to orientation point and
be done with this nonsense.
     However once he MOVES he commits to those postulates and now they
are solid as a rock and he is an effect.  He said so himself in the
action of moving.

     He isn't just saying "I am making these postulates", he's saying
"I am making these postulates AND THEY ARE RIGHT, and I better get my
ass out of here before I am monster food..."

     This is the consideration/observation flip flop.

     As orientation point he is saying "I am making these postulates
and these postulates are cause of the condition I am in."  
     That's consideration as cause.
     Once he moves he has said 'I am making these postulates, not
because they are cause, but because I have observed they are true
independent of what I think'.

     That's consideration as learning through observation, totally being
an effect of what he has learned.  SOMETHING ELSE made them be true, you
see?  So he is stuck with it for good now until he flips out of learning
through observation back into causal consideration.

     That's in part why power stems from the ability to maintain your
position in space.  This ain't quite right though, power stems from the
ability to maintain your ORIGINAL POSITION IN SPACE, because that's
where you flipped from orientation point to symbol for the first time.
     Once you have moved, holding that new position in space is
holding an already degraded condition.  Perhaps thats better than
having to move again and holding that position, but you can see that's
a losing battle against one's own postulates that ONE IS NOT AN

     The being had infinite power at the original position in space,
he lost it through the flip/flop only, and that was fair chosen.

     From there on out, the being has only finite power at any later
position in space and can be moved by any force big enough to do so.

     As he continues to be moved into newer and newer positions of
space, the amount of force it takes to move him becomes less and less,
and eventually he becomes a tumble weed.

     The thetan even as symbol isn't actully moving anywhere, he's
shifting the dream around him, but his perceptions tell him the dream is
stationary and he is moving and this constant alteris takes him further
and further away from the truth that he is a stationary all powerful
orientation point, and buries him in the masses of resentment etc.
     So everyone is PTS to the original SP that moved them the first
time after they entered symbol land.  All other SP's are mere
restimulators for 'Nemesis One'.

     What's got the thetan down?  He had to MOVE out of its way.
     That's it.
     He had to move off the portal point into the dream and now "he's
lost", doesn't know where he is, doesn't know how to get home etc.  He's
still trying to get back to the portal point by MOVING THERE, rather
than realizing that HE IS THERE and never been anywhere else.
     Nemesis One class SP's love to make their home on the portal points
to dreams.
     By replicating that original move from supreme orientation point to
symbol, and replicating the first APPARENT move as a symbol off that
first point, one can regain the power of that orientation point where
ONE WAS MAKING THE SP IN THE FIRST PLACE.  Then one can simply cease
doing so with 'Nothing there', and then proceed to create further SP's
forever for free.  Maybe you can sell them to other thetan's wanting to
play the same game, 'Die of Overwhelm' of some such thing.

     This is the route to full OT and the end of PTSness, one and the
same thing.

     "Behold ye now Behemoth, he who made it can approach unto it." -
Book of Job, Bible.


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