The process of personal integrity starts with doubting everything
you know until you find the undoubtable.

     Now someone may say "But everything is doubtable".

     So you ask them "Is that doubtable?"

     If it is doubtable that everything is doubtable, then maybe some
things are not doubtable.

     And that's not doubtable.

     It is not possible to be uncertain if you are uncertain about
something, and that is certain.

     So your journey to undoutability has just ended.

     An undoubtability is a perfect certainty that can't be wrong.

     One is willing to bet their eternity in hell on it with infinite to
one odds on it.

     A conscious unit that can't be certain it exists or is uncertain
that it is uncertain of something playing the game of mind broke.

     Certainty of uncertainty is the beginning of personal integrity.

     People who are 'certain' they can't be certain of anything, are
usually certain of a whole lot of other things, that they can't be
certain of either.

     Thus they are not perfectly certain of what they can be perfectly
certain of, and they claim to be 'certain' of things they can't possibly
be certain of.


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