Words fail.

     If you accept the basic axioms of scientology that basic truth is
a static, no space, NO TIME, etc, then you have to accept that from
this static comes kenetics, MEST, space and time etc.

     The issue at question is that of time and timelessness.

     How can the timeless then BECOME the timeful if there is no time
in which to make the change?

     Doesn't change imply time?

     First one has to observe that many have reported the timeless
state, and although they yammer much while trying to describe it, one
has to admit something is there.

     So perhaps we have this unified whole that has both a time and a
no time aspect to it.

     As beings living in the 4D space/time game stream we can not
imagine the no time situation.  We can imagine no motion, but no time
exceeds us.

     Perhaps we have alter-ised perceptions of time and no time, thus
making it impossible for us to see the as-issnes of both time and no

     It's easy to see how space could be holographic, an illusion of
space in a substrate that doesn't have space, but its much harder to
see how time could be holographic also, an illusion of time in a
substrate that doesn't have time.

     The nameless dreams the nameable.

     Source sources what source is not.

     The idea is to give up the preconceptions, and let the world come
in as it may.  It won't be what was expected, and expectations of what
there is to find will stop the process.

     If you are looking for A, you won't find B, let alone Z.

     First thing you have to understand is you are dreaming together
with others, just like a sleep dream.  Space/time are illusions in
consciousness which itself doesn't have dimension, either spatial or
temporal.  All beings are on the same 'point' as it were.

     "People think they are looking at the same object from two
separate viewpoints, when in fact they are looking at two objects from
the same viewpoint." - LRH

     The two objects are each person's dream rendition of what they
are looking at.

     Once you get that, then the world of exteriorization opens up.

     Remember if you think exteriorizing means moving out of your
body, it will never happen.  Exteriorizing means the thetan is going
NOWHERE and moving the universe around him so he has repositioned it
so he is in a new viewpoint inside it.

     Moving yourself 3 feet out of your body, and moving the whole
universe 3 feet from you are two totally different things.

     The second may work.

     The first doesn't.


crtism@cox.net wrote:
>I don't know, this exterior thing is gettin a bit crazy.

>How does static outside this universe decide to move and then can get
>itself into a position that it might be able to go exterior to a body
>in this universe?

>Static is nothing,  how can it move Homer?  It's not even an