What exists is the STATIC and the conscious renditions that it
creates WITHIN ITS OWN SELF, its own fabric, its own substrate.

      Those illusions are for example everything you see around you,

      Do you see two different colors?  Good, that's conscious rendition.

      The illusory aspects of the rendition is 1.) Out-there-ness, and
2.) Causalty between objects out there.

      The colored rendition displays space and time, but does not take up
itself any space or time, because the static has no space nor time and
the rendition is rendered in the fabric of static!

      Consciousness is the static seeing itself glow in the dark.

      What is sees are images of space, time, matter, energy and force,
do not take up any space, time, matter, energy or force.

      The static runs on postulates and considerations.

      Postulates create space time and objects, and considerations create
apparent causality namely force, between postulated objects.  Force is
the proxy for cause in the rendered universe.

      At least understand it, you don't have to agree with it.

      And pity be, you can't argue against it, if you don't understand it
to a tee.

      The static is like a Liquid Crystal Display screen that can either
be clear or colored.

      Clear is nothing there, colored is something there.

      In both cases only the static is there, always and eternally, just
in two different forms, clear and colored.

      Nothing is created when the static turns colored, the same LCD
screen is still there, but a small part of it has been 'polarized' to
produce colored static rather than clear.

      Yes Goober, polarized is meant poetically.

      The static can not create spacetime, it can only create within
itself the CONSCIOUS EXPERIENCE OF SPACETIME, which itself does not take
up any spacetime.  The experience of spacetime exists in the fabric of
the static, which experience itself takes up no spacetime.

      Static colored to look like spacetime is still just static.  It has
no spacetime!

      Mockups of space do not take up any space!

      Mockups of time do not take up any time!

      Dig it and don't leave it.

      The conscious experience of spacetime results from a polarization
of the fabric of the static from a no consciousness-of anything, to a
consciousness-of spacetime with perhaps somethings in it.

WITHIN ITSELF FROM SLEEP TO DREAMING, from clear to colored, from non
consciousness-of, to consciousness-of.

      Sleeping static calls conscious dreamtime the 'waking state'.

      In truth, the most awake you could be is the Big Snooze, no dreams
at all.  That would be Native State, or the Big Snooze, nothing

      This is really really important.  If you don't get it, you won't
ever win at clearing or go OT.

      The static NEVER creates anything at all except patterns in itself,
it merely changes the fabric of ITSELF to bring about the conscious
experience of "creations".

      When static creates a conscious experience of brick and a conscious
experience of wood, they may LOOK like they are made of different
materials, but in fact they are both made of the same stuff, colored
self luminous static.

      It's called ZEV for Zero Emission Visuals, but we won't know that
for another 10 years.

      It looks self luminous, and it is self luminous, but it doesn't
emanate anything to achieve seeability.

      Stir some of that up in your laboratory.


      No actual space or time was ever made.

      When you look at MEST you are looking at static which has been
color painted to look like MEST!

      MEST is the static glowing in the void.

      Native state is the static turned off for the night, the Big

      Static likes to create what static is not.

      Static is cause, so static likes to create kinetics and then cast
cause between them via force.

      Force doesn't work, postualates however that force works creates
the illusion that force works.

      Cause is always between the static and the kinetic, never between
the kinetic and some other part of the kinetic.

      A ball bounces off a wall because the static makes it do so in such
a way that it LOOKS like cause of the bounce is between the ball and the

      Any virtual reality works this way, it is the virutualization of
the spacetime, AND OF THE CAUSATION BETWEEN THE OBJECTS in the spacetime
that makes the virtual reality fun to play around in.

      People think the waking state is not a 'dream' because in the dream
they know the ball and the wall have nothing to do with each other, they
bounce because the 'brain' makes it so, whilst in the waking state they
are just sure the wall is cause over the ball so the ball bounces.

      The brain by the way is just more virtualization of the game called
physical universe dream.

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