1.) The Self can have anything it desires merely by desiring it.
At each stage of the desiring process the Self can veto the creation and
let it go back into vanishment.  Only by saying 'This is good, I like
this!' can it enter into the following stages.

     2.) The Self desires undesirables for a while.

     3.) Persistence of whiles is caused by resistence.

     Acceptance with expectation of vanishment causes vanishment.

     Resignation ('acceptance' with expectation of persistence) causes

     At first the being resists causing persistence, then 'accepts'
(resigns) causing more persistence.

     "Dear Lord, teach us to 'accept' what we can not change" is a trap.

     4.) Resistence to the while is created by considering the while is
forever.  This invokes a NATURAL resistence born of violation of
Sovereign Desire which is to only experience a while for a while.  The
very thought of a temporal forever will put the soul into a raging fury,
and everything will go crystal solid on him instantly for as far as the
eye can see.

     All things that are posulated, are postulated in a while.  Without
the while there is no creation.

     Thus the original creation of something INCLUDES both its inception
and deinception at the end.  Beginnings and endings are postulated at
the same time.

     This is an as-isness of the creation.

     The being causes a persistence by entering the while, and
considering that only the beginning has been created and that the end
will never happen.

     This creates fury and solidity.

     The question 'When will this ever end?' starts the cycle of Q&A
(Questions and Answer) with the original source point which knows damn
well when it will end, because it was created with a beginning and an
end, and this self deceit causes relentless time and the endless quest
for surceasement which forever fails.

     The end arrives when re-enlightenment as to the source point is

     Until then he lives in dying despair.

     5.) The resistence is held in place by travestic logic, gorgeous
ridiculousness.  All persisting sorrow is humor entombed in lies and
illogic.  All tragedy gains its power from travesty (of logic).  Humor
is the prior truth, sorrow is the persisting result of the lie.

     6.) While in the while, the self knows that sorrow is forever and
hopelessly serious, and that nothing can be done about it.  The soul
considers that 'this must never happen again', and tries to create
solutions that will guarantee that 'this will never happen again', and
he will engage in forgetfulness, occlusion and oblivion to create the
illusion that the sorrow never happened in the first place.  Other than
that, the soul seeks continuously to find 'what will ever make this up
to me', but remains forever unconsolable.

     He is off the creation point into a Q&A, 'What can be done about
this?' The question seeking an answer creates time and further removal
from his original source point of creating the thing in the first place.
     Worse he wants whatever solution he finds to persist, and thus
every solution he creates eventually becomes yet another persisting
problem to him.  He gets further and further away from the original
humor and creation point and deeper and deeper into travesty and

     7.) However once the lies and illogic holding the sorrow in place
are spotted, the creative humor is returned, and having lived the joke,
it becomes worthwhile with high appreciation for ludicrous demise.  He
would do it again if he weren't so busy creating bigger and better jokes
to live.  The humor that created the sorrow is self consoling.  Once it
is found and run out, the sorrow vanishes in laughter and tears, and the
whole event erases forever, it becomes like it never happened in the
first place,

     One knows one is getting close when sorrow and laughter alternate
in strong frenzy.

     One is even closer, when one can not tell if one is laughing or
crying, they become the same thing.

     In the end the soul is finally consoled, he found 'what would ever
make this up to me?'

     "Laughter is the only kind justice there is, and the only justice
you will ever need forever for real.  This thing ain't called a religion
for nothing." - Adore

     At this point the event can happen again, but won't ever happen
again unless the being desires it to.  That's the only thing better than
must never happen again.  That's the best Source can do.


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