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>Thank god you don't believe in dochotomous behavior as you so
>undichotomously opposed what was written on the subject earlier.

     Right, most new age crystal gazers talk about transcending
dicoms, but that's just another dicom, transcended/not trancended.

     Adore solves this by claiming there are vertical dicoms and
horizontal dicoms.

     Vertical dicoms take the being from Native State to Non Native
State, non manifestation to manifestation, static to kinetic, peace to
worry, no spacetime to spacetime, truth to lies, non persistence to
persistence, humor to sorrow etc.  Lots of them.

     Horizontal dicoms take place within the manifested side of the
vertical dicoms, love/hate, beauty/ugly, humor/sorrow, good/evil etc.
     No Horizontal/Horizontal dicom is a vertical dicom.
     The Sword of Excalibur is the two edged sword of ExCaliper and
ExCaliber, and all other dicoms in existence.

     The handle has the verticals and the blade has the horizontals.

     ExCaliper means without measure, worth beyond measure.

     ExCaliber means without worth.



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