LRH talked about 8-8008, attaining infinite ability, by taking the
infinite ability of the MEST universe and reducing it to zero, and the
zero ability of the thetan and increasing it to infinity.

      Yet little auditing addresses the issue of 'infinite' charge.

      The reality set that says we "live but once and die and that's it
bud," leads to infinite charge.

      Specificially it leads to a loss of an infinite future, or more
correctly an infinite number of finite futures (whiles).  You don't want
one girl friend forever, you want an infinite number of different girl
friends each for a while.

      Get the idea of "girl friends never more," that's infinite charge.

      The charge created is not infinite in a static sense.  However,
while mortal, the charge created in present time will always be bigger
than the pc.

       We call this charge unlimitedly finite charge, as much
as you can conceive, but always finite, no upper finite limit.

      So when we talk about infinite charge, remember that's a misnomer,
you can't have infinite charge, but there is no upper limit to the
amount of finite charge you can have.

      Thus no matter how big the pc gets, the charge will always be
bigger than he.  This scares the daylights out of the pc, he spreads his
wings to fly and gets crushed down without mercy, which makes him feel
regaining his eternality is impossible.

      This state of the pc's charge always being bigger than the pc is
called the bank going up the bridge with the pc.  Pc gets lots of
auditing and wins, bank is still bigger than he is, and there is no end
in sight period.

      He gets disheartened, feels auditing works but will take forever
etc, resulting in massive session dread and heart rendering despondency
about his future.

      He becomes a squirrel trying to find a route that will make the
forever pass by faster and cheaper.

      Well that's because the proper reality sets are not being audited,
in particular the mortal reality set, either his own or others.  Other's
infinite charge will overwhelm him just as his own will.

      "Jesus Christ, look at all those meatballs!"

      Bam, he's stuck, he just can't wrap his wits around infinite
charge, either his own or others.

      That's why auditors who haven't ever been in this state can't audit
it, and can't help but ridicule it instead.  Don't even bother going to
them, if they have never been in the state, they can't help you out of
it, they will just make you worse.

      If you can't mockup being a meatball, you can't confront a
meatball.  If you can't confront a pc, you can't help him, end of story.

      Of course there is no eternality to regain, timelessness is the
core nature of the being, of course he is going to 'live forever', but
not in time where forevers are detested, even pleasurable ones.  (Spot a
detested pleasurable forever, until real on this point and why.)

      "Everyone lives forever where there is no time.
       No one lives forever where there is time.
       Hurry is a waste of time.
       The hurry of impending mortal doom obscures the hurry
of impending eternal doom.
       J.O.K.E. means Justice Of Kindship Excaliper. " - Adore.

      The issue then is regaining his perspective on how he creates the
mortal reality set, regaining his perspective in such a way that he
doesn't automatically make more charge the bigger he gets.

      Remember a native state being is a total knowingness.  That doesn't
mean he knows everything, it means he knows how to create anything.
There is no teaching him how to create.  That's just built in, and part
of that built in is the mechanism of humor.

      There is no creation without humor, and there is no humor without

      Native State is the Imp Soul.

      So humor is not a secondary thing.  It is the driving impulse
behind manifestation.

      Native state can create jokes forever for free, so once you get him
back to this area, it will lock on and flow.  But he won't be a human
being any more.

      He has to see the humor to the joke.  This is a matter of

      LRH said that admiration was the universal solvent, this is true,
it is admiration of humor that does the trick.

      Admiration = High Appreciation of Ludicrous Demise.

      You *CAN'T* be happy in a one and only single while.  People
without infinite futures don't have a present time either.  The best
they can do is spend their one and only single while digging a grave for
them to cry themselves to death in at the end of the dig.

      That is in fact the entirety of what your meatball is doing,
preparing a grave for himself of one kind or another.

      It is a matter of understanding the joke, it is not a matter of
force.  Using force to throw off a mortal bank will merely result in
infinite charge crushing you back down again.

      Struggle or throwing a fit won't get you there.

      Getting the joke is more like getting a nervous cat to come to you
and sit in your lap.

      The pc has the qualms about laughing and crying.

      Particularly never ending laughter and crying.

      Low tone people ridicule and throw contempt on the apparent
out of control vulnerability of endless laughing and crying.

      They know SOMETHING is ridiculous around here, and right they
are, its them, divine humor is ridiculous out the wazoo.

      But it is also Love forever for free, so suck it up.

      The more you cry the more you love, the more you love the more
you cry.  And laugh, for the two are one.

      The pc has the qualms about locking onto Source point, and flowing
creation again.


      Go to a funeral.

      Try VERY hard not to laugh or cry.

      E/P laughter and tears until absolute peace regains (and potential
power to create again.)

Sun Jul 22 17:32:28 EDT 2018