The following posting contains assertions meant to be taken as
indications and accepted or rejected as such by the reader according to
whether they indicate or not.  Never accept something as true unless you
your self have verified its truth.

      In general when I post such things I have run the processes
indicated, but have not attained the E/P yet.  Just because I wrote it
does not mean I have run it to completion, or even that it can be run to

      This posting is probably not entirely true, and probably not
entirely false.

      It is written from a visionary point of view, not from authority.
It is a record of ongoing research and at best a rendition of things
echoed in Eternity for all to hear either in part or in toto.

      Usually I get it in part :)




      Reality is what we think is true.

      Actuality is what is true.

      A nothing is an object with no qualities.

      A something is an object with qualities.

      Respect comes from RE and SPECT meaning to see again.  What we
respect we are willing to see again.  What we do not respect we are not
willing to see again.

      There is FOR EVER (forever) and NOT EVER (never).

      Forever and never are two different ways of saying the same thing.

      Something forever is nothing never.

      To have something forever is to never have nothing.

      Nothing forever is something never.

      To have nothing forever is to never have something.

      Run with your technology of choice,


      Use 'Tell me', 'Spot', or 'Get the idea of'.

      "Tell me something you respect?"

      "Tell me something you not respect?"

      "Tell me about forever."

      "Tell me about never."

      E/P (End Phenomenon) is freedom to live or not live in a while
without the need to end it or extend it.


      There are two kinds of forever, Non Temporal (Eternal) forevers,
and Temporal (infinite time) forevers.

      Native state is a fair chosen Non Temporal forever from which the
being can descend into created temporal whiles.

      A while is a finite spam of time with a definite beginning and a
definite end.  Whiles can be a long as the being wishes them to be as
long as they are finite and have beginnings and endings.  A while can be
extended as long as the being wishes to, but only by a fininte amount no
matter how long, and only a finite number of times, no matter how many.

      Native state is often considered to be and called a 'nothing'
because nothing is manifest.  However native state is in fact the only
actual something there is.  Most of its qualities are latent potential
to manifest illusions of space time and cause to the conscious mind at a
later time so it looks and seems like a nothing to the casual observer
in the unmanifesting state.

      The purpose of native state is to manifest what native state is

      "Source sources what Source is not." - Adore.

      Specifically to manifest temporal kinetic whiles which get their
power from the non temporal static forever of native state.

      Native state is an Eternal non temporal forever.

      A state of total non manifestation 'forever' for free.

      It is not a state of infinite awareness or consciousness, as all
awareness and consciousness are manifestation.  There is no "I AM" at
the top.

      Just a lot of snoring.

      From Native State the being wakes up, says "I AM", and creates
temporal whiles in which he then pretends there are temporal forevers
and nevers, which being an alter-is of the original creation, and a
violation of his own sovereign desire, which then causes the temporal
while to go solid as a rock from resistance and protest.

      This is not an error on the part of the being, it is 'Grand and
Excaliper Design".  Excaliper means (worth) without measure.

      This gives the temporal while persistence and drama in the
pretended matrix of illusory temporal forevers and nevers.

      This results in life forever, or hell forever.

      By life we do not mean the living life of eternal consciousness
itself, whether manifest or not, but normal physical and biological life
that exists inside the physical while.

      Without the pretended temporal forevers and nevers, and our hate
for and fear of them, the actual temporal while would soon disintegrate
back into native state for lack of protest.

      The being gets to have things BECAUSE he doesn't want them, which
makes this mechanism of persistence eternally safe because these things
which he doesn't want (forevers and nevers) aren't true anyhow.

      Thus truth sets you free.

      The downside to this is the only way to not be free is to be
enmired in lies.

      Its a good trade off though.

      It's a compromise between wanting to be limited (not free) and
wanting to be true, you can't have both at the same time.

      The being suffers the apparency and belief in life forever until he
invents death forever as a way to end it by ending himself forever.  It
is an effort to extend the deceit that he is not cause of time.

      Death forever is a false temporal forever of total non existence.

      Notice that death forever is the ultimate in enforced basic truth.
Basic truth is a fair chosen (Eternal) nothing forever that the being
can engage in or not at will for as long as he likes.  He can and will
cycle in and out of native state according to his fancy.

      Death forever is a permanent (temporal) nothing forever IN TIME
where the being is no more, Dust in the Wind, or so he hopes.


      We define "to hell" after the manner of "to murder".

      To murder means to cause someone or something to suffer death (in
time) forever.

      To hell means to cause someone or something to suffer life (in
time) forever.

      What about heaven or an enjoyable life in time forever.

      Try it, see how it works out for you.

      To while means to cause someone or something to experience a while
for a while.

      To native means to cause someone or something to return to native

      Run the following with your technology of choice,

      Get the idea of:

      To hell someone or something.
      Accidental hell of someone or something.
      Intent to hell someone or something.
      Attempt to hell someone or something.
      Accomplished hell of someone or something.

      To murder someone or something.
      Accidental murder of someone or something.
      Intent to murder someone or something.
      Attempt to murder someone or something.
      Accomplished murder of someone or something.

      To while someone or something.
      Accidental while of someone or something.
      Intent to while someone or something.
      Attempt to while someone or something.
      Accomplished while of someone or something.

      To native someone or something.
      Accidental native of someone or something.
      Intent to native someone or something.
      Attempt to native someone or something.
      Accomplished native of someone or something.

      Run all flows, including self to self, and don't forget to get
justifications and restraints and their resulting overwhelms.

      E/P No longer overwhelmed by native state, whiles, death forever or
hell forever.

      Produces an Eternal hell fire clear.


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