Separation is a key component of persistence, separation between
things, between the being and his mockups, the being and other beings,
between cause and effect in space or time, and between everything that
is not 'God' and 'God'.

     The Christians of course will catch any ball of ignorance you throw
their way, run with it to the goal post, so if one just studies what the
Christian says and reverse it, enlightenment will surely follow.

     The primary lie is that because we see space that there is space.

     Reality is what we think is true, actuality is what is true.

     Reality does not equal actuality or it would as-is and vanish.

     This is WHY absolutes are unobtainable in the physical universe by
the way, because once you get it, its gone.

     Obtaining the absolute truth about anything, as-ises it.
     In particular the perception of space does not take up any space,
and there is fact no space at all, just pictures of space that don't
take up any space.

     Some will say that if there looks like there is space, that's as
good as there IS space.  Reality = Actuality, you see?  A thetan taking
that track is destined to become a marble on the thetan plane rolling
around and around the drain at the bottom of hell.

     Why?  Because a thetan can not make space, a thetan can only
make illusions of space.  If space is actual, then the thetan is
stuck with it forever more.  But if space is a created illusion
then the thetan can take it back and end it.

     If you can't see the benefit to that, please find something
else to read.

     So the basic lie is that here is God, and he made the physical
universe over here, not in heaven you see where God is, and then God
made all the little souls, out of what we can only imagine, probably the
same stuff he made the physical universe out of, mud, and then he dumped
all the little souls in the physical universe to survive as best they

     So you have these 3 things, God, physical universe and beings.

     The Christians will admit that God is 'everywhere', so God permeates
the physical universe, but they still think that God is a separate thing
than the physical universe.  The PU is made of *BRICK*, surely God isn't
made of brick you see, so even though God and PU co permeate, they
remain separate ontological entities, 'things' to the uneducated.

     So following the rule stated above we just reverse everything the
Christians say to find the truth, and there it is.

     The physical universe IS God glowing in the dark of the void, and
our conscious unit I-AM's, are micro individual incarnations of an
infinite MULTI I-AM macro ALLTHATIS called God.

     Although there are many of us, each one of us is a FULL
INSTANTIATION of that multi I-AM being.  We are not smaller nor
less powerful that it, just because there are more than one of us to its

     God was not made, therefore we were not made as we are it.  We did
however make our individual dreamtime persona that exists in space and

     Just as the true ALLTHATIS is eternal, so are we as conscious units
all co eternal with the AllTHATIS, a soul can not be made.

     Thus if you want to talk to God, talk to the wall.  or the
perceiver of the wall, because all illusion of separation to the
contrary, the perceiver IS the perceived, or else the perceiver couldn't
perceive it!  (See The Proof,
     The wall is a manifestation in YOU, its your body glowing in
the night of the void as a micro incarnation of God.
     Thus there is only God, part of whom is incarnated as the HIGH-US
looking in the mirror of our consciousnesses and experiencing self
luminous images of maya, dreamtime, i.e.  physical universe and thinking
ourselves separate from it and other beings.

     And wondering where the hell God is.

     There is no bigger joke that a God can play on itself than
     Since all space and time are illusions of a sort, there IS no
actual space or time between anything anywhere, all beings are on the
same scalar location.  looking at their own renditions in their own
light bodies of the agreed upon dreamtime called the physical universe.

     All meatballs are dreamballs and don't know it, that's a God's
perogative.  The game of seeking for God, and later refusing to seek
help to keep the game going.

     Nothing worse than the Last Goodbye of as-isness, to give the
meatballs the eternal willies.
     Just as the physicists long ago realized that space and time were
really one entity they came to call spacetime, just so one day they will
realize that there is no cause or effect inside of space time, but only
between the static and the dreamtime.  Since the dreamtime is rendered
in the fabric of the static itself, cause and effect then becomes one
thing, causeeffect, since every kinetic manifestation is the static
being both cause and effect of itself.

     Thus there is no separation at all, period, not in space, not in
time, not in causeeffect, and not between beings, but only in illusion
and delusion about illusion (believing the illusion, apparencies are

     Finding and auditing apparent separations goes a long ways towards
resolving havingness issues, as not havingness is itself a separation
between self and what is desired to be haved.

Thu Dec 29 20:09:09 EST 2005