This posting confuses two separate concepts.

     The first is local and global cause.

     The second is serial and parallel cause.

     The problem arises in that it is considered here that global cause
IS parallel cause, whereas local cause can be both parallel or serial.

     I have made a few corrections below, but there is still
some clarity lacking.

     Local cause is when two electrons repel each other, causation
takes place via proximity, and results from alleged causal
agency actually residing in each electron.

     Global cause is something like when time moves forward, it moves
ALL positions in space forward one moment of time at the same time.

     Local cause takes time to propagate, you wiggle an electron here,
and it takes time before another electron a distance away feels
that wiggle.  This is because causal messenger waves must emmante
from the first electron, travel across space and time, and then
run into the second electron.  
     In this case local cause is conserved, because it is a local cause
that the first electron emmanates a photon (causal messenger wave), and
it is local cause that the photon self propagates across space and time,
and it is local cause when that photon finally hits the second electron.

     Time, which is a global cause, doesn't take time to propagate
to every corner of the universe, it just moves everyone at once.

     It is suggested at this point that the thing which causes time to
move forward everywhere at once, is acting in a parallel fashion towards
each and every point in space at the same time, thus pushing them all
into the future at the same time.

     It is further suggested that the local causation between the
electrons is an illusion but is actually caused by the global cause that
pushes time forward.  In otherwords the global cause is moving the
electrons away from each oher AS IF they were repelling each other

     It is futher argued that because the cause of time can not be
inside of time, it must be outside of time, and thus zero dimensional in
Adorian terms, or static in Scn terms.

     It is thus asserted that when the Static causes space and time and
the kinetic, it does so in an everywhere present global and parallel
fashion, creating the illusion of local and serial causal changes in the
kinetic where things are interacting with each other.

     Thus from the kinetic point of view, it may look like it is
impossible to know (or be the effect of, same thing) things very far
away until enough time has passed for the causal wave to reach

     But from the static point of view, all events are being
controlled from the top down, and it doesn't take any time to
for cause to transit from the static down into space and time
to make it so.  Thus the staic 'knows' everything that is going
on all the time because it is causing it to be that way.

     Thus if a being can work from the static, he can cause and
know things that are not possible from the mechanical point of view
inside the kinetic, using the kinetic to know about or effect
the kinetic.

     Thus it is not true that God created the world in the past, but it
might be considered poetically true that the world is being created in
present time by the every breath of God.


     Addendum II

     If an OT, operating from the static, postulates A, and then
later postulates not A, he will end up in an absolute problem, because
he is operating an 'irresitable force meets unmovable object' situation.

     But if an OT says A, C, and D, then later once incarnated
into the kinetic, he still has the freedom to says B or not B.
     And since he is still operating from the static on at least this
matter, even as a human, he has the opportunity to make a global
postulate that affects everyone everywhere.

     That is why we call people GodSouls, because they have freedoms,
barriers and purposes both as a God, and as a Soul, each different
and in its own realm.

     Thus if a being as an OT has said 'I can not fly', well then
he might as well give it up now, unless he wants to duplicate
that postulate out of existence.

     But if a being has never made a postulate one way or the other
about something, then he is still free to make that postulate at any
time and have it stick globally from casting the direct authority and
authorship of the Static, of which we all are.


     Consider 3 billiard balls, lets call them A, B and C, perfectly
lined up 3 feet apart in outer space, just being there motionless.

     Then consider that you come along and you hit the first ball A
with your pool stick directly at ball B.

     Call this event A.

     At that moment an interaction between you and ball A takes place
with an interchange of energy.  Ball A starts to move forward and you
start to move backward.

     It is tempting to say that you were cause over ball A because
what you did caused A to start moving, but in fact you were both cause
over each other.  You caused the ball to move and the ball caused you
to move.

     We call such events 'collisions' or 'an interaction' to indicate
that causation is something taking place BETWEEN the two objects

     So ball A moves towards ball B and eventually collides with it
creating event B.  Again an interaction takes place, an exchange of
energy, and ball A slows down and ball B begins to move towards ball

     Now we have two events namely event A where you hit ball A with
your stick, and event B where ball A hit ball B and started it moving.

     Clearly these two events are causally related.

     Now ball B continues on and hits Ball C creating event C where
yet another interaction takes place and ball B slows down and Ball C
speeds up.

     Events A, B and C form a causal pathway, a causal chain of
events, each one dependent on the one before it.

     If you ask why did event C happen, the answer is because event B
happened.  And why did event B happen, well because event A happened.

     This is a standard example of a chain of events that are causally
related to each other.

     Now it is tempting to describe each event thusly.

     Ball A and Ball B are both causal agents, when they collide they
cause each other to change state, in this case speed or even trajectory.

     A causal agent has AGENCY, the ability to cause a change in state
in another.

     Thus normally at first glance we might say the following.

     Ball A is going at a constant speed and if 'left alone', meaning no
'causal agent' acts on it, it will continue to do so forever.

     Likewise ball B is going at a constant speed, namely zero, and it
too, if left alone with no causal agent acting on it will continue to go

     Then an event happens, A collides with B, and suddenly the two
causal agents affect each other.

     Before that event there was no causation taking place while A was
moving towards B, and as soon as the event is over, there is no more
causation taking place until B hits C.

     Causation is thus locatized to positions in space and moments in
time when collisions actually take place, namely interactions between
causal agents.

     Now there is something here that needs to be noticed.

     Although we can observe what each Ball is doing, and we can observe
that B's motion *FOLLOWS* being hit by A, we can never observe the cause
between them.

     This is because all we can observe is the state of each object, and
state tells us nothing of cause of change of state.


     Investigating futher we can theorize about electrons and force
fields, but in the end all we can do is DESCRIBE our model of how things
work, of how electrons repel each other, give the equations they follow,
we can never answer WHY electrons repel each other merely by looking at
the state of things.

     Thus we remain in mystery as to exactly WHY the balls do these

     It could be they have some causal agency over each other, or it
could be that a third party is causing both to move AS IF they have
cause between each other.

     Occam's Razor would tell us not to worry about third parties unless
there were evidence for them.

     Occam said 'Pluralitas non est ponenda sine necessiatate', which
means 'Plurality should not be posited unnecesssarily', or 'do not
multiply factors without reason', or 'follow the simplest theory first'.

     But Occam's Razor is more about where to spend our research dollars
than about finding truth, as apriori it is not yet shown that the
simplest theory is the true one.

     It is true that the simplest theory that explains ALL THE FACTS is
the true one, because if a more complex theory were true there would be
more facts to explain.

     But who has all the facts?

     That's arrogance, vanity and conceit all rolled into one Phd.

     Here is how science works.

     Observe -> Theorize -> Predict -> Observe -> Theorize -> Predict

     First you observe facts, then you theorize to explain those facts,
then you predict new facts from the theory, then you observe those
predicted facts, and in the process you find some more facts, so you
theorize some more, then you predict, then you observe etc, until there
is no more to observe and no more to predict.

     At that point your theory is 'complete'.

     A person can get trapped inside a 'theory ball', where his theory
explains all the observed phenomenon, and he has observed all the
predicted phenomenon, and thus he believes he has an explanation to

     Since his theory predicts no new places to look for unobserved
phenonmenon, and he is too tied up in his theory ball to observe outside
the box he has put his mind in, he ends up missing all the rest of the

     Essentially he has to wait until something impinges on him that he
couldn't imagine before.

     Hopefully after his 'grand unified theory of everything' has been
approved by his professor for his Phd thesis.

     The right thing to do with a perfect theory ball is to tear it
apart and play what if with it.  What if every single postulate in this
theory ball were wrong, what then?

     Most meatballs think that consciousness is a process in the brain,
it is just the clock ticking.  They believe that the universe was
created first and out of the complexity of parts called the brain arose

     They believe everything can be explained with the 4 fundamental
MECHANICAL forces of nature, eletromagnetism, gravity, and weak and
strong nuclear forces, so of course things like exteriorization,
telepathy, telekensis can't exist, and thus why bother looking for them.

     You see the box this puts a mind in?

     Then if someone does exteriorize they foie gras him prozac and send
him on is way because it doesn't fit in their theory ball.


     And all for a Phd.

     Talk about ethics.

     The quest for a cert on the wall has led more science down the
garden path into ignorance than any other single factor.

     I will tell you something, the physics boys will never come up with
a grand unified theory of everything as long as they stick to their 4
fundamental mechanical forces of nature, because consciousness is not

     Consciousness can do un mechanical things like learn with perfect
certainty about itself, change, time, cause and the color of its

     You see perfect certainty is an observation that has gone unnoticed
because everyone knows you can't be certain of anything in a mechanical

     And when consciousness is noticed and people wonder what is so
weird about it, they never put their finger on it, so consciousness gets
relegated to a 'probably unimportant glitch in our understanding of

     But how are we to expect people who have already assumed that
everything is mechanical to even consider the possibility that something
might be non mechanical let alone go seeking for it and observe it?

     With university funds no less.  You see the problem?

     They already are certain that certainty is impossible anyhow.

     OK, so we have this complete theory ball, everything observed is
explained, and everything predicted is observed.

     And the whole rest of the universe is being missed.

     Namely me and thee.

     For example if the physical universe is in fact a virtual
projection in consciousness, and the universe arose out of
consciousness, rather than consciousness arising out of the physical
universe, then the third party law becomes very important.

     All those electrons and billiard balls that like to interact with
each other, are perhaps interacting that way BECAUSE some higher causal
agency is making them interact AS IF they had causal agency between them

     The brain does this to us every night when we dream, it makes or
recreates virtual reality with virtual cause between the objects in the
dream.  Why does the dream ball bounce off the dream wall?  In a sleep
dream it really is just a conscious arcade game, there are no actual
objects out there, just conscious experiences of them, and the brain is
acting as the third party virtualizing existence and cause between the
objects in the dream.

     You don't need gas to run a car in a dream, so how come when you
run out of gas in the dream the car stops?  Annoying, isn't it?

     Me I can't stand it when the brakes don't work!

     So the search for cause is a hard one, particularly in the field of
the sciences where we are limited to knowing about cause by observing
its effects.

     Science tries to use correlation, dependable followingness, to
devise theories that have a high degree of dependability in their
predictions.  But in the end such theories merely describe HOW things
will work, not why.  So cause goes undiscovered, unobserved and

     Any scientist will tell you that correlation does not prove
causation, that nothing in fact proves causation, and so the hunt for
causation has only been the game of philosophers for centuries.

     Since effects (changes in state) do not prove cause, science can
never get to perfect certainty on the nature of cause, and most mature
scientists will admit that to even try is a wrong headed waste of time.

     But let's take a look at something.  Going back to the chain of
events with the billiard balls hitting each other we have to notice that
the whole thing happens BECAUSE time is moving forward.

     If time were not moving, then nothing in space would move, and the
whole causal chain between the billiard balls wouldn't take place.

     So it dawns on us to ask 'Why is time moving forward?'


     Obviously time is allowing everything else to move forward.

     It becomes pretty clear that ALL of the serialized causal pathways
in the physical universe like the billiard balls, are only taking place
because time is allowing them to move forward frame by frame.

     Thus the cause of time is more important than the cause between
electrons that repel each other.  Without time moving, electrons would
just sit there and 'cause' nothing to no one.

     Here is where it gets interesting.

     Notice that time affects the whole space, not just local areas of
space where collisions are taking place.

     Thus even empty areas of space where 'nothing is going on' are
moving forward into the next frame under the causation of time.

     Where the little causal pathways inside of space are serial in
nature, each following the next, time itself moves everything forward at
once, every single position in space at a time.

     This is global cause.

     Global cause is happening to everything all at once, not just when
it is 'needed' by a localized collision.

     Now a deep question arises here.

     If time is the true cause of anything happening in the world, what
is it that is causing time to happen?

     Clearly nothing INSIDE of space and time could cause time to happen
or move forward.

     So it would have to be something OUTSIDE of space and time that was
the true cause.

     By being outside of space and time we have essentially declared it
dimensionless, no this way, no that way, no before or after, no
direction in which to have an extension.

     That's call a scalar in mathematics, a zero dimensional operating
actuality which has the odd ability to create and empower apparencies of
non zero dimensional universes of space and time.

     The apparent serial causations that are taking place inside the
universe become virtual causations, not actual causations, as the actual
cause not only of the existence of space/time but of why it 'marches
along' is this scalar source outside of space and time.

     Hubbard called this scalar source the static, no space and no time.

     He also said that it was cause, and kinetics (space/time) was

     He also said that parts of the static can incarnate INTO
space/time, and control it from inside.

     That means that although each being is working from a viewpoint
inside a virtualized causal object (body), he can none the less exercise
actual cause over how things turn out.


     He can be an effect if he wants to, a reaction machine, but his
basic nature is not to be.  His basic nature is to own and operate
reaction machines that nonetheless have an interface to the static.

     The God-Brain interface if you will.

     If consciousness is non mechanical, and the brain is mechanical,
that interface has GOT to be there, as no way is a non mechanical
phenomenon merely a process in a mechanical one.

     As a body the being can act like a body and be a state determined
reaction machine if he wants, a mathematical tick-tock if you will.

     But with a being in the body, a piece of the static has been pulled
into space/time where it can determine space and time in small ways just
like it created it in the first place from outside.

     This only works though if the being operates from the motivations
of the static.

     So all of the wild ideas above are predicted from a slightly
different theoretical orientation on the relationship between the
physical universe and consciousness.

     In particular who created who.

     We had a theory ball that was complete, the meatball theory of
existence, and we smashed it to pieces and reversed every concept in it
just to play what if.

     And whaddya know, we have the dreamball theory of existence.

     Now you see the dreamball theory breaks the theory balls of the
made of mud crowd, possibly making poor old Occam roll over in this

     The mud puppies have never had any reason to conceive a more
involved, richer theory of consciousness.

     If it weren't for the simple fact that consciousness can be
perfectly certain of its existence, change, time, cause and experiences,
and a machine can not, I would have to agree with them.

     But given the existence of non inferential (direct perception)
perfect certainty in consciousness, I would have to say that all
existing theory balls are in question, and the game is still a foot,
Occam be damned.

     Actually Occam will eventually come to our rescue when we finally
realize that consciousness is what is actual, hey its right there in
front of our faces, we can see it right?  And we have been attributing
that actuality to the illusion of externality we call the physical
universe, which we have never seen at all and CAN'T SEE.

     People think that because they see space, there IS space.

     It ain't called the valley of the *SHADOW* of death for nothing.

     It's actually the shadow of space and time.

     Where the meatballs would like to use Occam's Razor to relegate
consciousness and spirit to the cutting room floor, the dreamball will
eventually use Occam to relegate the physical universe to the cutting
room floor where it belongs.

     The physical universe becomes a virtual reality and not an
actuality at that point, and beings can take control over their
destinies again, once they understand who is making who.

     Yes the dreamball theory is more complex than the meatball
theory, but it explains a few more things, namely me and thee.


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