The basic prime directive on demonstrating OT powers is

     "If you want to be accepted by people, don't do anything that
exceeds their acceptance level."

     So what you demonstrate is relative to the crowd you live in,
that includes the whole planet, its space alien lords, and who knows
what demons and deities on higher planes that might be looking in.

     First rule is don't miss withholds.  If you come across as
KNOWING SOMETHING, they WILL crucify you.  Hell *I* will crucify you
as my basic modus operandi is "to crucify anyone who makes a claim to
wisdom, let us see now how close they are to their God."

     If it were safe to demonstrate OT powers, they would be widely
available and demonstrated.  The very fact that so few have them and
even fewer want anyone to know that they do have them is absolute
testimony to how dangerous it has been to have these powers, use them
and let others know.

     The people who don't have such powers and are the most eager to
receive proof from others are the one's who were the most involved in
making such powers and demonstrations dangerous and thus are the least
worthy of having such demonstrations.

     They are "What power?  What past life?  What overt?" cases.

     Thus don't ignore the hecklers, *THEY* are the ones who created
the problem in the first place.

     Those seeking proof of the *EXISTENCE* or possibility of OT
powers want that proof so they can crush it out of existence.

     Telepathy in particular will miss withholds on criminal or
governmental elements (same thing) as they will wonder if you know or
not what they are up to.

     Telekinesis, telepathy, remote viewing are all basic weapons of
war, each side will want you to be their lab rat to find out why you
can do it and no one else can.  You become a matter of significant
national security to them as your powers can benefit their criminal

     It's one thing to demonstrate powers that no one will take
seriously, but demonstrate something serious and to the point, and you
won't last long.

     If you can move the marble on the table, you can kill someone at
10 feet.  *ANYONE* knowing this will become very afraid of you, lest
they anger you, as they know how much THEY would love to kill someone
with their minds, and soon they will take to scheming how to kill you
first before you kill them.  Of course they will worry if you know
because you are telepathic, so that will speed the process of your

     Or they will pick on your loved ones who do not have power to
keep you at bay.

     First they will try to enslave your powers to their ends.  Then
they will try to imprison you so no one can use your powers.  Then
they will try to kill you as you are just too dangerous to have

     OT powers no longer are available because of the danger of having
them.  It's that simple actually, there is no inability, just superior

     If you want to have them back, you need to solve the Prime
Directive first, which is basically how to have power, use it, and
have it not be more dangerous than it is worth.

     OT powers make the person who has them dangerous, that is a good
thing, but BEING dangerous is itself a danger to the being, the
solution to date has been to not be dangerous by not having powers.

     This is the 'schmoo effect', just how undangerous do I have have
to be in order to be safe?
     Once a Prime Directive is in place in a being, powers will start
coming back automatically.  The thetan is sitting on the volcano like
some guy sitting on the top of Pandora's Box trying to keep it closed.
Once the prime directive is in place, the guy can get off the box, and
it will start to open on its own accord letting everything out.

     The Prime Directive Rundown can open Pandora's Box faster than
the pc wants it opened, so don't mess around with this stuff, either
do it for real or don't do it.

     "What power would you have?"
     "What would you do with it?"


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