Over the years, Adore has grown through three great truths.


      The first truth is, in the physical universe of space and time, the
only way one object can learn about another object across a space/time
distance, is through being the effect of the other object.  You can't
learn about something that doesn't effect you in any way.  Since effects
do not prove cause, this lead to "The Machine Certainty Theorem"
otherwise known as The Proof, which states that certainty of cause
across a space time distance is impossible.


      The second great truth was the Law of Nobility, which said that a
man will never strive to a higher level of nobility than the nobility of
the universe he conceived created him.  That may be a hard one to
swallow, but it says that nobility can not exist on the first dynamic
alone and if it is missing on the 8th, it will decay on the 7th through
1st.  This lead to the idea that if one finds greater nobility in one
self than in the universe around him, one must continue to seek that
same nobility in one's conception of the Cosmic All, or else that
nobility will ultimately go to waste.

      This mandates that we rewrite our conception of the Cosmic All
until it becomes worthy of the nobility we find inside ourselves.

     Hubbard said it in other words, that one becomes what one fears if
one loses to it.  Trying to be more noble than the apparently 'ignoble'
universe that created one is a losing game, thus ultimately all such
people go into the valence of the ignoble universe and begin to act
accordingly.  Someone in the valence of the physical universe is hard to
be around.  One audits this by auditing one's conception of the Cosmic
All to restore nobility on all 8 dynamics.

     Only then can one rise to one's own native worth.

     "Cancerous views of reality lead to cancerous conditions in body,
heart, mind and soul.  What grows in your life like a cancer?" - Adore


     The third and most subtle truth of Adore was that no further truth
could ever make you satisfied with a truth that you were dissatisfied
with now, otherwise known as the 'make up for' law.

     For example the religiously insane will tell you that when you get
to Heaven God will make up for all the pain you suffered in this life.
You see, that's a later good resolving a prior bad.  It will never
happen.  NO MATTER WHAT GOD DOES FOR YOU.  Certain things can not be
'made up for'.

     Having looked at my pain for 30 years I have determined that no
further ANYTHING will ever make up for my pain in this life, and thus
the existence of God and heaven and hell becomes moot.  Going to heaven
or hell just becomes another incident in a long line of incidents that
need to be resolved.

     The odd idea that comes out of this is that each incident of pain,
MUST contain within it an unspotted truth that will resolve that pain
and make it worthwhile.  Note this does not mean 'make up for the pain'.
means once the true truth of the incident becomes known, the pain ITSELF
BECOMES BEAUTIFUL, turns into humor, and blows off as joy/sorrow and

     Not only is one GLAD it happened, but one is willing to have it
happen again.  No lesson learned.  Lessons are alter-is to make sure
something doesn't happen again.  Lessons are trauma scaring over.

     Thus each incident contains within it the seed of its own
resolution, one need not and MUST not look elsewhere, to some OTHER
later, bigger or stronger truth, to make up for the 'truth' of the pain
that one suffered.

     No FURTHER truth will ever make you satisfied with a TRUTH that you
are dissatisfied with now.  Thus what you are dissatisfied with now can
not be the truth.  From this one can conclude that once the total truth
is known, total satisfaction with all things everywhere will result.

     Total OKness.

     This renders a God who purveys heavens or hells even less relevant,
as the whole solution to my existence and suffering is an issue between
me and myself and my awareness of truth at the time.

     It has nothing to do with anyone or anything else!

     "As for God, who hired him a and what are we paying him for?" -

     One can draw from this, that the Cosmic All is the best of all
possible universes, that we have exactly what we wanted at one time or
another.  Perhaps it is time to change our minds about what we want, but
WE CAN NEVER GET RID OF ANYTHING BAD, something we couldn't have,
wouldn't have, shouldn't have wanted or created.

      One can only get rid of something that one appreciated in the
creation of it, and see that appreciation now.

      Thus what one can appreciate in all its glorious horror, one
can get rid of now because one can and is willing to totally put it
there now.

     Total control creating something is and gives one total control to
not created.  Nothing can persist on its own!

      Thus justice reigns at all times.  Justice is, you get what you

     Just as God created the light and saw it was good, just so we
created any condition we are in and saw it was good at the time.  Only
by seeing how it was and still may be good, and might be good again, can
we then get rid of it, as-is it.  Just because it no longer serves a
good purpose to have the condition, doesn't mean it isn't a good ability
to be able to create and destroy that condition at will!  It is an
EXCELLENT ability in fact, one can't survive long term without it.  So
don't eschew disability just because it is not presently useful.  Pack
it up instead for a later day.


      Just remember being good doesn't mean the disability should
still be in play in present time, only that it was considered a good
idea at the time, and may have been necessary to your survival.  It may
STILL BE necessary to your survival, so watch out, if you regain
awareness of a disability is good, it will start to as-is on you
whether you want it to or not.

      One only uses force to destroy 'bad' things, which results in
eternal persistence of parts of bad things.

      Thus one can only really get rid of something that is good!

      As long as one considers various conditions unconditionally bad
they will persist forever because that isn't the truth of their


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