Huggie ( wrote:
>     I gave a practical process application for my 'outing' dictum.  I
>challenge Homer to provide a practical way to get to 'IN' so we can get

     Adore is a baby phase religion, it speaks as best it can about the

     The way in is the way out.

     It's basic premise is that operating coming in, puts you out,
because you have to be out to come in.  Since any postulate that you are
coming in must include a postulate that you ARE out and COMING IN, if
you thus practice mocking up COMING IN, you will have to also mock up
BEING OUT.  So voila you are out.

     It's a matter of willingness.  The being who is in and who wants to
get out, is usually unwilling to be in and wants to be out forever more.
He's learned his lesson.  don't you see.  about coming in.  He's intent
on remembering it too, lest he be stupid and come in again.  Lessons of
these kinds, must never happen again, form a yoke of memory around the
neck that eventually sinks one.

     A being CAN have something never happen again, the secret is though
that the more he is willing to have it happen again, the more he can
dispense with it ever happening again.  
     His FIXATION on the idea that it must never happen again, CAUSES it
to happen again eventually, because at the top, the being creates in the
mere conception of things.

     So the purpose of practicing coming in, is to recontact the
WILLINGNESS AND DESIRE to come in, the Halcyon or High Appreciation for
Ludicrous Demise of Adore, at which point one isn't so bent on getting
out.  One can then let go of the "I must get out because I am IN and
DETEST IT" postulate, and so he isn't postulating that he's IN so hard
any more, and it should all come apart.

     The unwillingness to be in followed by must get out is an alteris
of the original willingness and INTENT to come in and is designed to
keep one in, because its hard to stay in if you are willing to be in.

     This is the Grand and Excalibur Design of Adore.
     "The Creator  can become the Creature at will.
      The Creature can become the Creator  at will.

      The way for the Creature to become the Creator is to
BE the Creator becoming the Creature."

     If one can reoperate the coming in (the perfect duplication of
Scn), then one can get out because one has to be out in order to come

     If one can't or WON'T reoperate the coming in, then one can't ever
get out.

     It's a joke.

     It's also a baby phase religion in its effort to speak the
ineffable.  Take it for what its worth.

     It's good enough to stop some of the stupider dramatizations about
getting out etc, which then quiets the mind enough to start creating
real as-isnesses and vanishments.

     Adore is hardly the last word on truth.

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