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>     Using an OT power to optimize a game so it can play longer works
>     The issue is motivation.
>     The motivation of an OT is not the motivation of a human being.
>     The OT is creating tapestries of conflict, good and evil, i.e.
>games, the human being in the conflict is trying to win the game.

    Human's fight because OT's create.

    If OT's hand't created, humans would have nothing to fight or do.

>     The OT wants to move the mountain in order to put it in a better
>place for game play, the human wants to move the mountain in order to
>crush his enemies.

    OT's are into designer enemies and friends.


    They can also be above Games if they want.

>     Good would never create evil to fight.  An OT would.

     Good can not win against what Good would not/chould not/should
not and did not create, put there.
     This is because one wanishes things by putting them there twice.
     Fighting is an effort to destroy what one did not create, and
thus one is not putting it there while fighting it, or else it would
vanish at first coffee break.

>     The way to become the Author is to BE the Author becoming the
>Character.  Practicing coming in puts you out.
>     It is merely a matter of changing your motivation from game
>player to game creator.
>     If you can put the playing field in place, you can move the
>marble BECAUSE YOU CAN PLACE IT, you see?

>     But the Author isn't into demonstrating Author powers to
>Characters, the whole idea is absurd.  Unless the author wants to
>interfere in the game.

    Only idiot characters demand that the Author prove it is Author.

>     Sometimes characters get powers, but not for long, they use
>them for human ends, and that is just more drama, as ANY ability leads
>to the overt/restraint/justification cycle if engaged in too

    The issue is dramatization.

    Dramatization means to bring drama to.

    Drama means seriousness, permanence (forever/nevers), importance
and pain.
     The is is more specifically seriousness.

     There is a move from native state to Universes/Actions/Games
wherein the player is playing for fun, nothing is forever (serious),
even if other players are engaging in seriousness.

     Thus one can move through space and time without creating a solid
wake behind one.

    The moment one goes SERIOUS however in a game, more interested
in winning than playing, one starts to leave a solid wake behind one,
(facsimile track), and in fact the whole universe goes solid because
the little item (body) that the being is BEING goes solid too.
     It is the solid wake that sinks one leaving one's self in a
reactive quagmire of mental MEST.

     You can't BE SERIOUS without being something that is fragile,
precious and irreplacable.  You see that's 3 forevers in a row, enough
to nail anyone to a cross (body).
     A being trapped in forevers isn't even trying really any more, he
tries to push it off of him, but he knows its forever, so he only
tries half heartedly, fails, then concludes he was right all along
about being doomed.
     There are no nails on his cross.
     Even a DOUBT about forever/nevers will self cast and prove to him
he is right about being doomed.  Doubts about sovereignty are self


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