A dicom is a DIchotomy of Comparable and Opposite Magnitude.

      Dicoms run as AND's, NO AND's, NEITHER's and NO NEITHER's

      The item is both beauty AND ugly.  Or NEITHER beauty nor ugly.

      NO NEITHER's and NO AND's are buried in notisness.

      CDEINR means

      Source of     Heavens and Hells
      Knows about   Heavens and Hells
      Curious About Heavens and Hells
      Desires       Heavens and Hells
      Enforces      Heavens and hells
      Inhibits      Heavens and Hells
      NO            Heavens and Hells <- That's a NO AND
      Refused       Heavens and Hells
      Sub Refused   Heavens and Hells

      Source of     Neither Heavens nor Hells
      Knows about   Neither Heavens nor Hells
      Curious About Neither Heavens nor Hells
      Desires       Neither Heavens nor Hells
      Enforces      Neither Heavens nor hells
      Inhibits      Neither Heavens nor Hells
      NO            Neither Heavens nor Hells <- That's a NO NEITHER
      Refused       Neither Heavens nor Hells
      Sub Refused   Neither Heavens nor Hells

      AND -> NO AND -> NEITHER -> NO NEITHER -> its gone.

      A being can not have a heaven for very long without having a hell.

      A being can not have a hell for very long without having a heaven.

      This may sound like an odd concept to the religiously insane, but
the proof is in the auditing.

      Put a pc on the meter.

      Heaven will not read.

      Hell will not read.

      NEITHER HEAVEN NOR HELL will tick and read and blow down.

      Then Heaven AND Hell will read and run, producing long cascading
falls down the tone dial.

      The pc is stuck in both a heaven AND a hell.  He will oscillate
between the two like Daffy Duck between the walls in a cage slightly too
small for him.

      He will try to bring some part of hell with him into heaven.

      He will try to bring some part of heaven with him into hell.

      If you try to pull the hell, the heaven will stick.

      If you try to pull the heaven, the hell will stick.

      They are two sides of the same coin, you can't pull one without the
other.  You will break the pc in two if you try and he will die probably
along with his body.

      If you try to pull both at once, like a huge heavy mass made out of
heaven AND hell, it will run and start to lift, pretty much on its own
accord.  The pc merely has to realize they are two items run TOGETHER as
one item.

      He is not stuck in two items, one heaven and the other hell, he is
stuck in ONE item, HEAVENHELL.

      He will see what he has been dramatizing, and return to a state of
peace on that dicom.  For a while :).

      Left unaudited eventually Heaven and Hell together form a monotony,
a bleak desparingly endless useless gray that is the color of his every
day life.

      Sort of like a cold dead star that has burnt all its fuel.

      There is no *LIFE* any more.

      Like red, blue and green paint mixed together to form an ugly
brown, he no longer sees the bleak gray as the addition of two other
colors, beauty and ugly, heaven and hell, gold and tarnish, magnificence
and anti-magnificence.

      When he does separate them for a moment, the vertigo is
overwhelming and he comprehends it not.

      He has seen the source of the dicom but doesn't recognize it as

      He begins to fall INWARD into a space and time that is much bigger
than any illusory physical space and time that might be out there.  He
is falling into his infinite self and just wants it to stop.

      He considers he didn't make these heaven's and hells himself.

      This makes them interesting you see, and provides him the serious
games of life.  It makes the games worth playing, life worth living, and
living worth while.

      He is running on 'A reason to die, is a reason to live.'

      He is so glad to get off his cross once in a while, he is happy he
was crucified.

      Do you understand pan determinism?

      Now this may sound completely nuts, but it is no more nuts than a
non dimensional conscious dream unit pretending to be a dimensional
matter, energy, space, time and force robot machine, that will die for
good one day.

      Out-thereness is an illusory projected shadow of a zero dimensional
in-hereness, which is indeed eternal.

      Out-thereness is the world of Sabe, the world of impermanence and

      In-hereness is the world of Dura, the world of permanence and

      The two are connected by choice.

      The being lives in Dura, but chooses to visit Sabe for a while.

      Death and life (rebirth) forever is a solution to heaven and hell
forever, both are in Sabe.

      The first two give the illusion that it's finally over.

      For a while.

      Then back to Heaven and Hell we go for another round.

      Mortal Birth and Mortal Death, and Immortal Heaven and Immortal
Hell form the matrix of Sabe.  (Mortal and Immortal = in time).

      Dura is made of Eternal and unimpingeable peace.


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