(OT means Operating Thetan, it is a being who has restored himself
back to full operating potential in life and after life.

     PC means pre clear, this is a being who is not yet clear on various
subjects of pain and unconcsiousness that prevent him from remembering
who he is.  After a being goes clear, they can work on becoming full OT.

     An auditor is one who asks questions and listens, with the intent
of helping a pc clear some area of charge in his life.

     Charge results from not having what you desire, or having to have
what you do not desire.)

     Actuality is what is true.

     Reality is what your pc thinks is true.

     Scientology Axiom 27: ...  The anatomy of reality is contained in
Is-ness, which is composed of As-is-ness and Alter-is-ness.  Is-ness is
an apparancy, it is not an actuality.  The actuality is As-is-ness
[which is then] altered so as to obtain a persistency [i.e.  reality]

     (Words in []'s are mine.)
     (As-is-nesses result in vanishment once let go, Alter-is-nesses
result in persistence in time called an Is-ness.  When the lies are
spotted in the Is-ness, the alter-is-ness reverts back to an as-is-ness
at which time it will vanish once let go of.)

     Now maybe there is no way to know for sure what actuality is, but
you can for sure find out what the reality of your pc is.

     You simply ask him what he thinks actuality is, and he goes yak,
yak, yak, and there you have his reality.

     What he has given you is not only what is real to him, but what he
thinks is actual.

     There in lies the problem, the pc has "my reality = actuality"
stuck rock solidly in his mind.

     Many pc's will get insulted when you indicate to them that their
reality may not be actuality, no one likes to be the fool on the hill,
and this only really clears up completely at Grade IV, willing to be
right or wrong.  Until then the being is really not fully ready to look.

     So you have to be prepared to deal with this in you pc in early


     Now this is in part why we don't talk about OT powers early on to a
new pc, because his world view generally doesn't allow for OT power.

     So in walks your garden variety Glowballus Carrionus, meatball for
short, and he wants auditing.  He wants to get better.

     Usually they want to get better at staying worse, they want to be
better able to be not able and survive anyhow.  Everyone knows that
being truly able will get you killed instantly along with all your
friends and pets.

     So this guy has all his service facs in place in order to control
others into helping him and otherwise leave him alone, and these
facsimiles and their attendant computations are 'killing him.' 
     He is actually killing himself with them, but we will leave that
for later.
     So he wants a better 'solution' that doesn't hurt as much.  You see
he doesn't want to get better, he wants a less painful solution to the
problems of his life, namely the suppressiveness of the death directed
universe around him.

     A service facsimile is a traumatic memory of pain and
unconsciousness that the being is unknowingly but intentionally keeping
in restimulation in order to harm himself in a way as to gain sympathy
or help, or to get others to leave him alone.

     Your preclear is stuck in the Villain, Victim, Hero/Ally triangle,
and the service fac is an effort to keep the Villain at bay by pulling in on
the Hero/Ally via considerations of sympathy and preciousness.
     Service facs create the advantage of being disadvantaged.

     He does better being a chronic victim with the Heros help,
than in being able to stand alone.

     He wants to continue to be unable, but not feel the pain of what
disabled him in the original facsimile or the pain of the future doom
that he is sure awaits him.

     Since service facsimiles are death engrams, this guy is keeping
himself alive and SAFE by burying himself in death and near death.

     The search for less painful solutions is thus a downward spiral in
life, as numb is BELOW pain on the tone scale, and any snort of cocaine
will do that for him.

     Cocaine can put you in a state where 'you have never been hurt',
that's part of its psychological addictiveness, had perfect parents,
kindness and love everywhere, until you come down, and then boy are you
in a basket of razor blades and electrified steel wool.

     The basic law here is that case consists of efforts to as-is
by not-ising.  
     The apparancy (reality) of non existence brought about by
not-isness, is then taken or hoped to be the same as the actuality of
non existence which would have been brought about by a true as-isness,
and the being thinks he has done well for himself, until he runs into
the persisting solid masses he put up in order to make himself think his
problems were no more.

     So you talk with him for a while until he understands that he is
'solving' his problems and not vanishing them, and if he gets that, he
will have understood his first OT power.  
     Someone on your case?  Just get the idea 'nothing there' and let it
go (as-isness), without the force or mass to make it so (not-isness),
and they will go away.

     That's a lot more useful than moving the marble with your mind, or
bending spoons.

     But his reality doesn't allow for such abilities.

     He developed and used his service facs BECAUSE he had failed to
deal with others on an OT basis during early childhood.

     Failing forthright efforts to effect justice, he will try covert
methods, that is what a service fac is, a covert effort to withdraw from
life in an effort to get others to coax you back into life.  It's an
effort to get others to help you survive when they generally are harming
your survival.  One does this by 'Ok, I am not surviving already, see?'

     So he's sitting there talking to you finally figuring out what kind
of group he has just walked into, a bunch of nut cases, and you start
asking him about his actuality.

     And so he tells you about the physical universe, a couple of
billion years old, how evolution created the body and central nervous
system, and how eventually the brain came to be self aware and
conscious, and desirous of being more than it could ever be, and thus he
lives in sorrow and suffering all day long.

     A being that wants to live forever but has to die forever one day
is suffering from infinite charge.  It is infinite charge because it is
an infinite loss of an infinite future in an infinite number of whiles,
forever for free.

     When he is down he may tell you he has had time enough for love,
but the truth is he CAN'T have time enough for love.

     Now perhaps the conscious limits of the being himself acts as a
govenor on this charge so that it doesn't really ever become INFINITE
infinite, but we will continue to call it infinite charge because it is

     Mostly the governor acts by the pc ducking out of the 'facts' of
his own reality and not thinking about anything all day long, he just
lives and does the routine, approaching death without ever thinking
about it.  The charge is too great you see?

     He lives BELOW his own belief system, it kind of presses in on him
from above.

     So you spend some time with him and you get him to see he is doing
this, he WANTS to be immortal, but no way is his reality going to allow
for it, so he lives in INFINITE sorrow all day long, which the govenor
turns into NO SORROW and solidity, which racks his body, sleep, life and
love in pain until the end of time, which isn't that far away when a
glowball is on meat row, I mean death row.

     So you start to educate him a bit, you know brainwashing in its
best form, best done by showing him what he already knows.

     You tell him that pain and suffering arise from charge, and that
charge arises from thwarted desire, and thwarted desire means not being
able to have what he really and truly wants.

     And suddenly he has this cog and he looks at you real cogent like,
and he says "What, you mean I have to be able to have what I want in
order to be happy?"

     Now you had better be fast on your feet at this point, because he
is about to blow (leave).  He KNOWS he can't have what he wants, as his
reality won't allow it, and if he has to have what he wants in order to
be happy, he had better go back to not knowing what he wants and
forgetting about it all day long, as he was doing better being
comfortably numb not thinking about things, walking around like the
living dead, than talking to you.

     So at that exact instant, while his eyes are boring into yours
trying to figure out just how much of a nut case you really are, you lay
it on the line, you deliver the final insult with tone 40 (sovereign)
intention that he really get it.

     You say "Yes but your reality is not actuality, and when you find
out where you are wrong about things, you will discover that indeed you
can have everything that you want."

     You add the final insult to injury and say "And you will also find
out that you WANTED to not have everything you want for a while, that's
how you got to be where you are, it was fair chosen and its called
MAJESTY for majestic practical joke on the part of the Imp Soul on

     J.O.Y. stands for Jokes On You.
     J.O.K.E. stands for Justice of Kindship Excaliper
     J.E.S.T stands for Jokes of Eternal Self Treason.
     J.E.S.T stands for Justice of Eternal Self Truth.

     You tell him about the world of Dura and Sabe, that Dura is the
world of permanence, and Sabe the world of loss.  And you explain that
Sabe is like a crazy house mirror on the world of Dura, and was entered
by fair choice, just as one would enter a crazy house of terrors at a
state fair.  And no, he doesn't remember that fair choice, by choice,
but if he wants to, some day he will.

     But it would ruin his precious fun and put him back into a state of
unending bliss.

     At that moment your pc is going to do one of two things.

     He is either going to walk out for good, or he is going to say "Oh,
ahem, yes, well, in that case, let's get on with it."

     And he will smile at you, like a puppy in love.

     He just elected you savior, and expects you to know more about HIS
actuality than he does, and you had better show it to him and fast
because already he can sense his bank account running out and his temper
being tested.

     Ok, so you you take up with him two subjects, over and over, back
and forth, until both of you are satisfied that you have found an
opening to the case.

     The two subjects are,

     "What do you desire?"

     "What do you believe?"

     Desire and view.

     View means his view of the cosmic all, his reality.

     The pc is stuck in a solidity born of desire entombed in his
reality of can't have or must have.

     His reality won't let him have what he desires, and thus he hates
his reality, he hates his desire, he hates himself, and he hates the

     If you ever want to see some broiling NO SYMPATHY, take a look at
the core this guy is walking around with, calling it his personality.

     This core is a screaming black hole of forevers and nevers, false
certainties and uncertainties, and efforts to make nothing out of
everything forever for free.

     Including the core, he will deny it is there, he will say "What
core of no sympathy, why whatever are you talking about?  I am a nice

     If perchance you were irritated that day, you might ask him with
Tone 40 evil intent, if he is such an nice guy, how come he is walking
around on the ball floor of hell?

     So your job is cut out for you, you need to get this guy to lay on
the table his DESIRE.  No its not to make a lot of money or get laid, I
don't care how young the girls are.

     His desire transpans kingdoms, universes, Godhood itself.

     Ah well now that's a problem isn't it, for a poor little incipient
carrion dweller.  More likely to become a dead worm on a stump than a
sovereign conscious unit eh?

     But look he actually desires these things, if you ask him for it,
he WILL give it to you, if you force him to think big enough and have no
patience with the lower dynamic crap he wastes your time with.

     In general DESIRE will be the same for everyone, in specific it
will be wildly different.

     So now you have what he desires, he's in session, open but
vulnerable as hell, because he still doesn't believe a word of it.

     All that's left is to find out what is stopping him from having
what he wants.

     What's stopping him is his REALITY.

     But that's not HIS reality.

     HE thinks what's stopping him is actuality.

     And maybe somewhere he is being stopped by some actualities
somewhere, at least for the moment, but mostly he is being stopped by
his incorrect view of that actuality.  So firstly we clean up his view
of the Cosmic All, and then if there is anything left over we worry
about that later.

     So how do we clean up his reality?  Well his desire leads the way.

     This is because at the top Desire and Truth are in perfect Accord,
they would have to be, or else he would live forever irritated in
Eternity that they weren't, and it would be a mar on his ultimate
     Sovereignty means 'you want it, you got it', so a top level being
has no problems with WHAT IS.

     Thus to find truth, don't find what is really desired, find what is
ACTUALLY desired.  Then find what truth would be necessary to provide

     Find which of his desired items is the most important and real to
him and run repetitively to completion, fully acknowledging every answer
without evaluation or invalidation:

     "What would have to be true in order for you to be able to have
this desire?"

     Now this might be a bit rough on a new glowball fresh in from the
streets, you are trying to get him to look into the face of infinite
charge after all.

     But by now the guy has lived through finding out what he really
desires at core, and you got him fighting with you rather than against
you, so now he want's to be better for real, er actual.

     You have offered him EVERYTHING, and he's in a mood to get it, so
you have his undivided attention.

     So you take up a desire and get him to start inventing actualities
that would allow him to have what he wants.

     Now here is where the magic is, once he invents an actuality that
allows him to have what he wants, that happens to ALSO match the actual
actuality that actually exists that WILL allow him to have what he
wants, he will KNOW it, and the meter will too, and so will you.

     The E-meter is a galvanic skin resistance device that follows
emotional changes in the pc, and let's the auditor know if the pc is
running the process properly or just pretending.

     Once the pc cognites an actual actuality that would allow him to
have what he wants (eventually if not now), that's the end of that
desire/reality conflict.  Remember it doesn't all have to be done in one
life, or even in any life, having a body is a bit of a nut case in the
first place, it may take a while before he can convert having a body from
being a prison, to being a palace.

      Or dispense with bodies altogether once he gets bored with
palatial meat.

     So then you pick up the next desire and run it, and the next one,
until the pc doesn't have time for you any more.

     He may not yet be able to integrate these new found actualities
into his still existing reality set, but he won't forget them, and
eventually all the new actualities will fall into place and replace his
original outdated reality set.

     These new actualities he is building form his Sovereign Throne.
Once he has enough of it in place he will one day suddenly get up and go
sit in it, leaving his old reality behind.  At that moment he has become
an OT.

     There is nothing like a Sovereign Throne with someone finally at
the controls again, even if it is incomplete.

     Pretty soon he's moving the ashtray around on the table and
lighting cigarettes for you with sparks from his eyes.

     Figuratively speaking of course.  No one really wants those
abilities anyhow.  But watch out, if they do want it, they will have it
eventually.  The world is a dream after all.

     But he won't be a meatball any more, because these abilities do not
exist in the "consciousness arose from MEST" theory of existence.

     MEST means Matter, Energy, Space and Time, physical materiality
which is displayed in the dream.  MEST doesn't exist, consciousness of
MEST (dream) does exist.

     His reality on what arose from what will have to change before OT
powers of any kind start to become evident.

     He's still trying to communicate telepathically with others by
directing his attention OUT THERE.  You see how nuts that is?

     THERE IS NO OUT THERE, its a hologram!

     The guy he is trying to communicate with is not out there,
he's right here where your preclear is!

     You also don't move the marble that way either, there is no marble
out there, its just a shadow avatar.  A color picture on a conscious TV
screen.  You don't move a person by pushing on his shadow.  Find the
real marble inside you where it really lives, the source of its outward
projection, and then you can put it anywhere.

     Find those you love inside you where we are all connected, and you
can talk to them all day long, and they will know it, and talk back, no
matter how many star systems away they are.

     And believe me, you got loves, some of them are quite far away.

     Not measured in miles, but in universes.

     And every secondary is a loss of PRECIOUSNESS.

     Mostly as a meatball he wants super powers in order to play games
of defend and offend against his enemies, you know wipe out all the
assholes in the world, and then himself also.

     Mockup something that would make you want to make nothing out of
everything.  That will give you a good idea what this guy is dramatizing
as a mortal.  That is his core of NO SYMPATHY.

     As he comes along, he sees he really wants to not have to play
those games any more, way more than he wants to win them, so his
attention moves towards getting free of those games rather than becoming
super human and being able to blow people up a couple of countries away.

     And he will form group minds again, and have a lot of fun with life
and love, without disrupting the grave yard for the other glowballs
still in the soup around him.

     Super human displays that they are wrong, are not what they need at
this time.  Such displays will wake them up to awareness that they are
dreaming, but they won't know which dream it is!  And they won't be able
to function, and they will get very sick and very scared, and all their
service facs will turn on as they withdraw from terror hoping YOU will
pull them out of it.  Failing that they will take to hanging you from a
tree and your friends and pets with you.

     *NO ONE* is OT enough to survive the consequences of disrupting,
missing and bypassing infinite charge in an eternal being on a slow
death directed rampage.

     OT's pervade others easily, even mortal glowballs with their
infinite charged cores of dark forevers and nevers, and false
certainties and uncertainties, so if you set off a primal quake in them,
it goes off in yourself also.

     There are much better ways to pervade and change people than abrupt
and crass displays of rightness.

     Just audit desire and view until the OT quietly comes alive again,
you will be surprised at the softness and quality flow of real power.

     Omni Sovereignty is as GENTLE as it comes, GENerous Tender Loving

     The E/P of the process is probably too high to contemplate.

     (E/P means End Phenomenon when the process need no longer be run.)

     Just joking.

     E/P is ability to desire and have, not desire and not have.

     That's worth a few bucks an hour if you can deliver it.


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