In the english language actual and real pretty much mean the same
thing, they are listed as synonyms in the dictionary.

      Hubbard first started to use 'real' to mean what was real to the
pc, meaning what the pc thought was real, and could relate to.  For
example in early times pagan Gods were very real to the person, but may
have had no existence in truth, actuality.

      Things could also be very UNreal to a pc, charge, engrams, past
lives etc, and with little relation to actual truths of the matter.

      He also used reality to mean coalesced existence in the form of
MEST which became real (existent) by virtue of agreements.

      Because Scn holds that persistence in time, and thus reality, is
based on an original AS-IS-NESS altered by lies to form a persisting
IS-NESS, reality then became tainted as it was an alter-is from the
original AS-IS.  The orginal AS-IS and the native state before it then
became to be considered untainted and called ACTUAL, or ACTUALITY.
Basic Truth in other words.

      Thus came the distinction between actuality and reality.

      Both words in English mean what truely exists.

      But in Scn, MEST is illusory and doesn't in fact truely exist at
all, except as a misconceived mockup.  This view is also true in other
religions as well.

      The conscious experience of MEST is actual, but the implied
external objective physical universe is not, it is used as a virtual
reality by the beings playing the arcade game in it.

      Thus TRUTH is not MEST but the source of MEST, namely Source and
conscious units and their conscious experiences of MEST, everything else
is illusion.

      But this illusion is very real to most people, so real in fact that
they consider it actual.  They bang their fists on tables thus proving
that it is not a dream.  That they can do the same in dreams escapes

      In Scn reality is an experience, something can be more or less real
to a person, but this does not affect the truth of it, its actuality.

      Thus actuality refers to the original ACT of creation, which is the
as-isness, and reality, which is tainted by the lies of time and
persistence, refers to the pc's experience of actuality, namely what he
considers is actual whether it is or not.

      If you come from a philosophical background where things actually
are pretty much as they seem to be, then reality and actuality are going
to be the same for you.

      But if you come from a background where things are very different
than they seem to be, then reality and actuality are miles apart,
sometimes 180 degrees opposed to each other.

      This is the view of Scn, of clearing practitioners in general,
and of my postings to this forum.


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