Kevin Brady ( wrote:
>Yes, medicine is largely about managing symptoms.  It's rare that a "cause" 
>can be isolated, and treated with strictly a medicinal regimen, with a 
>positive outcome.  This doesn't mean medicine isn't necessary, it means it 
>is not sufficient in many cases, and not required in others.

     Adore says there are 4 planes to existence, body, heart, mind and
soul.  Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

     Medicine treats of the physical but not the other 3.  Since 'dis
ease' trickles downwards, much physical sickness and disability arises
from problems in the upper 3 planes.  Drugs help but do not cure.

     Adore says, "Cancerous views of reality lead to cancerous
conditions in body, heart mind and soul.  So much for medicine."

     Run with "What like a cancer grows in your universe?"

     But adore also says of doctors:

     "As for doctors,

     Doctors maintain their stability by walking into the center of
hell and looking there for the few they can help.

     I love doctors forever for free, for they walk the battle fields.

     Not in agreement with fools and assholes, but in sympathy yet,
for the call of pain knows not the distinction of worth." - Adore


Wed Jul 26 23:13:14 EDT 2006