Heidrun Beer (hBeer@SGMT.AT) wrote:
>Alan is talking about duplication in the LRH definition, as it is
>used in auditing: viewing something completely as-is, getting every
>detail of it.

      This is an incorrect definition of duplication.

      Duplication is replication.

      A RECREATING of the original object, in its original space and
time, which then puts one back at the source point of the original
creation, and thus when one let's go, it vanishes.

      Things persist to the degree they aren't being created.

>Which brings up the question: how can you duplicate something that is
>outside your range of perception?

      You can't.

>If, for instance, an image contains portions that reflect the light
>in the UV range, can we ever duplicate it (view it exactly as-is),
>with our eyes' perception range being truncated below the UV range?

      No, but you can duplicate the facsimile.  If the fac contains the
UV, it will be apparent to you, as the fac contains a copy of
everything that was apparent to you at the time of the incident.

      One might argue that the force waves behind the UV light
are recorded even if they are beyond the perception of the being,
so one would have to then raise ones perception of FORCE in order
to as-is them.  Same thing for radiation.

>Could we ever duplicate an incident that contains ultrasound?

      You can duplicate the fac and the FORCE in it created at the time.

>Same for certain emotional states (tone levels). If a person's
>range of tone levels is truncated, can he ever duplicate mental
>images that contain these tone levels? Or will he be stuck with
>them forever?

      Facsimiles are recordings of FORCE, the thetan can always raise his
awareness of force.

      More to the point, an 'incident' is not just a facsimile carrying
forward in present time, it is much deeper than that.  Anyone can
confront a fac.

      The being himself is still stuck IN THE PAST where the incident
occurred, left a part of himself in the past still trying to hold it
still.  He needs to solve that incident in such a way that if he had
done the solution back when it happened it would not have formed an
incident or a fac.  He is still THERE, so he still needs to solve it.

      The facsimile track is a secondary artifact of the original non
confront.  Its more like a road sign saying don't go here (into the
real past), you won't like it.  The fac is made hard to confront
because it contains pain and unconsciousness but is no where near the
power of the original incident in which the pc is actually stuck back

      This view goes beyond dianetics that said all there was, was the
facsimile.  Now I am saying that the pc is right there in the past, a
part of him, with his thetan finger in the dyke trying to hold it

      Hard for some people to separate the two.

      For most people 'stuck in the past' means stuck in a present time
facsimile of the past.  No, the guy is stuck in the past, and HAS a
facsimile of the past in present time in which he pretends he is stuck
so he doesn't have to deal with regathering himself from the past.

      He can't let go of the past until he becomes willing to have had
the past happen, he didn't fully experience it when it happened, and
the part of him that didn't experience it is still back there making
sure he still doesn't experience it.

      ANOTHER part of him is fighting with a facsimile picture of the
incident in present.

      Releasing the facsimile gives some free theta back to the being,
but does not allow him to move freely in time.

      Releasing his stuckness in the past, allows the pc to move in

      Releasing the facsimilies allows the pc to move freely on the
facsimile time track.

      Releasing his stuckness in the past, allows the pc to move freely
in time.

      *BIG* difference.  One is clear, the other is OT.

      Clears have erased their facsimile tracks, but are still mostly
buttered all over the universe.

      The test?

      Can they move freely in time?

      The prove it cases want to be able to move freely in space.

      Havingness comes from being able to move freely in time.


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