Curiosus ( wrote:
>> I would spend more time studying what Scn really is, rather
>> than posting your idiotic garbage.

>That you don't agree don't prove that what I say above is garbage.
>That is one of the problem with strong claims: to consider that other
>claims are garbage.

     You still don't get it.

     Hubbard's case is not part of Scn, and has nothing to do with the
'strong claims' of Scn.

     Scientology at top level has to do with HOW to know answers to
questions, not with any particular answer found to any particular

     YOUR garbage is claiming that Xenu and the OT 3 *INCIDENT* are
part of Scn technology.

      The whole story of Xenu and OT III should be banned from
discussion, as talking about a preclear's case folders in public
without his permission is a High Crime.
>> You figure out birth yet?

>No. I was trying to remember my birth when I was on NED, but I did not
>really have any recall of it. I was running an imagined birth.

>The problem I have with processes in Scientology, is that I don't have
>any visual recall. 

     Black V cases are sub oblivion.

     Join the club and throw all your certs out the door.

     When pictures start turning on they will be 360 degrees of

>really run past lives. That is one of the sources of my doubts about

     Past lives, schmast lives, your doubt is about *CHOICE*.

     Did you or did you not CHOOSE to enter this universe and the body
you presently have?

That was not a problem on the grades as past life recall
>is not really necessary, but that was a problem on NED. All along my
>auditing, I had the hope that I could improve my memory, that was one
>of the claims of Dianetics. But it did not work.

     Yep they missed your incident.

     Visio always turns on in the correct incident.

>Now about birth, I can understand that if after death and before birth
>a spirit inhabits a spiritual realm, human birth could be considered as
>a departure from that spiritual realm, some kind of death in that
>plane, maybe that is what you mean.

     What I mean is you keep whining about death, poor dear innocent
*BEAUTIFUL* dying people everywhere, can't you wring your hands enough
to help them etc.

     Their charge is on birth.

     Perhaps if you audited conception, birth and THE GOD DAMN
ASSUMPTION OF THE BODY, you might find your alzheimers cases going
into remission.

     Alzheimers is basically the phyiscal consequences of fixidity,
erosion, dispersal, disassociation, criminality, uncausing,
disconnection and unexistence.

     Bring them up to disaster, getting born, and you might just work
miracles and solve those *STUPID STUPID* doubts you are wandering
around, *WASTING* your life in.

     How many lives are you going to waste wondering if you are
a body or not?

     How much charge does it take to make a dead thetan?

     How much charge does a being have on never having lived before,
on living once, and dying once, and that's it bud?


Thu Aug 31 00:14:41 EDT 2006