Wondering is question asking.

     Usually about failures of command intention.
     Wonder is powered by desire.

     Wanting to know comes after failing to have.

     Wondering what, wondering why, wondering who, wondering if.

     For a body having means breathing is sufficient reason to be.

     For a thetan having is awareness is sufficient reason to be.

     For a mortal he is wondering about his event horizon, wondering
if he made a choice to not know, forget or obliviate awareness of that
choice and all prior choices.

     There is a lot of heavy effort and dramatization in wondering.

     It is an effort to know after a not know.

     Dramatization is seriousness, importance, permanence and pain.

     One could run this with

    'What you are not wondering about?' or
    'What you are     wondering about?' or

    'What no wonder is there?'
    'What    wonder is there?'

     But this would just end your pc up in a ball wondering about

    More likely one could run this with,

    "Tell me about no wonder."
    "Tell me about    wonder."


    "Spot some no wonder."
    "Spot some    wonder."

     All flows, all beings, all entities, all dynamics.

     Remember true no wonder is native state and will float.

     What you want to run is the no wonder that is the lower harmonic
pretense of no wonder which will produce violent stops and controlled
falls as he lets go, the force and mass comes off, and the flows again
freely alternate between no wonder and wonder.

     This should run out the question/answer track and show the pc that
origination (what started something) may be other determinism but
continuance is self determinism, via wonder, question asking.

     Hubbard's 'Take ten minutes of nothing' meant, take ten minutes
of breathing and no wondering.

     E/P is sufficient reason to be (for a While).


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