What powers a being is desire.

     What stops a being, aside from view (postulates and
considerations) is mass.

     (See DESIRE AND VIEW, )

     Thus what you want to audit is desire, what the being wants, in the
direction of removing mass.  Then he can reevaluate his view that led
him down the road to failure and cemented him in the pit at the end of

     What you need to know is: what does a being want?

     So you ask him, and he says well peace on earth, no more assholes,
all the young titty there is, and a mountain of chocolate!

     So you say, "Ok!  Well imagine you have all this in spades, what

     He sits there a moment trying to wrap his wits around the idea that
he can feel like he has all this stuff whether he does or not, and then
he says "I want a challenge."

     Now a challenge is not the same kind of havingness as a mountain of

     You can HAVE a mountain of chocolate.

     How can you HAVE a challenge?

     A challenge is a desire for a chase, a desire for NOT having and
trying to get.  So really as long as the guy is giving you haves for
what he wants rather than chases or, games, he is still off course.

     HAVING is a waste of time, PLAYING isn't.

     That might sound odd in a world of scarcity, but the being HAS in
native state.

     Time is for trying to get.  Of course things are scarce in time.

     You don't HAVE in time, you CHASE in time.

     Every time you win, every time you get what you want, you visit
native state eternality for a moment where you have anything you want
forever for free.

     Except a chase.

     So the winning of any game is loss of the chase.

     So you run

     "Spot a challenge."

     on him for a while, and eventually he spots a challenge and he gets
that look in his eye as the thing tells him "Oh no you can't!" and he
thinks back "Oh yes I can!"

     You will know it when you see it, he's like a hungry wild animal
that has spotted his prey, no attention for anything else.

     So at that point you can take a win as an auditor, although you
will lose your pc because he will be out conquering black holes and
turning them into summer resorts or power plants for civilizations.

     You won't be out of a job however, because you can bet that
whatever challenge he takes on will on average will be bigger than him,
or else it wouldn't be a real challenge, and he will eventually end up
frustrated buried in tar.

     Mental mass.

     So you put him back into session and unstick him from all his tar,
and he dusts him self off, says thank you, and maybe he goes for a
second tackle, or maybe he picks another challenge more his size.

     But if he picks another challenge, he will be looking at the first
one with that same old look in his eye, and saying,

     "I'll be back!"

     No game lost is ever quit, your pc is too stupid for that, so they
build up mass and get forgotten, especially if your pc has lost his
class or self esteem playing them.

     In the meanwhile he's playing "I'll be back" on every one of them
along his whole track.

     "I'll be back" puts the mass in his future, because he has made an
appointment on his future time track with that game again.

     Its right there in his appointment book you see,

     "Black holes into power plants, someday soon..."

     but he needs the mass in place so he can forget about it for a

     So now anything he does towards his future is through this mass
hiding that game from him!  That makes other games hard to impossible.

     So you need to audit this desire thing, this fountainhead of
source, gushering up into the air, in front of his face, which has
become crystalized in tar, obsidian glass and crazy glue, like a volcano
frozen in time.

     The flow starts in the rump and goes right up the chakras out the

     This is his tower of power, but its all frozen in confusion, self
bewiderment, resentment and super controlled bitter hope.

     "Pining is unsighable bitter noble melacholia, usually on the
subject of not operating divine operating religions." - Adore

     There is no more flow any more, his tower of power has become just
an edifice to failure.

     He's is spending his time playing penuckle championships on the
side of it, rather than getting on with one of its flows on some dynamic
or another.

     He doesn't even think this thing is his any more, its someone
else's, at best maybe its his 'symptoms'.  Fumaroles blowing off steam,
and he's going 'where the hell did this mountain come from?  Hey anyone
want to play cards, its warm here!'

     Some people are living near their fumaroles and they are warm all
the time.  Others are very far away and they are cold all the time.

     But everyone of them is playing cards all day long, on the mountain

     'There are many ways up the mountain, but most religions are going
around in circles on its sides" - Adore

     So that's what you are auditing and that is ALL you are auditing
because that is all there is to audit.

     Desire and view buried in mass.

     View is mostly about origination and continuance (of failure).

     View is hidden in a stack of resented self answering question

     The mass is created by the wonder.  Until he forgets it one day and
fails to come back to it.  He can't come back to it, the mass has become too thick.

     That's Q&A, a term that means Question and Answer, or changing the
question every time you get an answer even if it isn't right or

     He started off towards A and ended up going somewhere else and no
longer knows about A even though it is still there.

     Every time he reaches for anything, a piece of chocolate, his
desire starts off at source and goes towards A, gets deflected to a
whole mess of others failures and eventually ends up at the candy bowl
on his card table.

     That's one hell of a circuitous route between source and candy.

     He eats in sadness.  Playing cards is a facade for disaster covered
in oblivion.

     If you can keep it that simple you should be able to hit his core
pretty quickly and blow the whole thing up.

     If you yourself aren't off being cold in your own tar pit that is.

     Move near one of your own fumaroles where you are warm all the
time, you will be able to audit better.


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