mearvk ( wrote:
>Funny, I see it as you hanging on. Look, here's the thing: once you
>vote yourself out of reality (native state) there is no door back in.

     Then how did we come in, in the first place?

     Always been in?  Holding onto the same original game forever and

>     >So, yes, of course thetans hold on to the game.  Some process
>like >"waste yourself as Source" would be interesting to run.
>     >Native state is outside of creation and therefore things like
>time and >cause.
>     >My own personal experience simply disagrees with your conclusion
>that >native state permits a door 'back in'.

     You never let go, how can you tell?

     Certainly you would never come back into THIS game.

     Take some absolute nothing, cease the worry about what bad
consequences will happen if you let go of staying in time.

     Native state has no worries, and is quite capable of prime
postulates.  Curiousus would call them quantum fluctuations.


Sat Nov 25 19:01:51 EST 2006