>>     All Consciousness is a pock mark on the face of God.

>Very pithy! Well said! It's tone made me laugh aloud too! :)

      Well its not original with me, came from a Sufi book called 'The
only dance there is'.

      It flies in the face of the dicom pushers like Carol who insist
that God is Good, True, Beautiful, Light etc, that all Evil, Lies, Ugly,
Darkness comes from man and that we should all strive to become like God
perfect, strong and nice, forever and ever Amen.

      I mean how far can you push dicoms on a one way flow before you go

      The essence of auditing is to find the dicoms one is dramatizing,
see that each dicom is a pair of wings around a central void, and visit
the void once in a while.

      The void between the dicoms is the Throne of the Author.

      Again we run into the problem of unmanifestation, is the void Good?
Well it sure beats suffering forever.  But from the void comes both Good
and Evil in a tapestry of authorship.  So is that good?  Are Author's

      The answer is, there are two kinds of good, Godly good and human

      "Virtue for the Creator is not Virtue for the Creature" - Olaf
Stapleton, Starmaker

      Is the Creator Good?  Should the Creature AS A CREATURE strive to
be like the Creator?  If a creature created other creatures and put them
on a planet to fight out their wars of ignorance and free will, would we
look upon that as Godly?

      If you believe in God the creator, then your whole life, and
the entire universe you and everyone else lives and dies in,
is the fruit of this Creator.

      Is that Good?

      So again we have this problem that there are two classes of dicoms,
the dicoms that describe the Native State (Creator) in its unmanifest
phase (Peace, Truth, Beauty, Goodness), and the dicoms that Native State
Manifests such as Good-Evil, Truth-Lies, Beauty-Ugly.

      Hubbard said that theta was natively closest to Beauty, thus in
some way aligning the top of the tone scale and total unmanifestation
with Beauty, and the bottom of the tone scale and total manifestation
with Ugly.

      In this sense all dicoms are actually dicoms of UnManifestation
descending down into Manifestation, where UnManifestation are all the
positive dicoms like good, truth, beauty, light, peace etc, and
Manifestation is all the negative dicoms like evil, lies, ugly, darkness
and worry.

      This drives the manifestation pushers crazy, for they are selling
"But Manifestation is GOOD!"

      Manifestation is Good?  Here I have a self nailing Cross to sell

      Adore says that all persistence is of persisting lies.

      There is a common tendency to give both sides of all dicoms equal
value and weight.  Love is one side, Hate is another, who cares which
one you choose?

      Adore says this is not true.

      Adore says that all positive dicoms fade away into sleep at the top
of the tone scale.  Descend into dream time and you get peace, beauty,
love, light etc, descend further and you get worry, ugly, hate, darkness

      The whole scale is a scale of Truth and Lies, where Truth is sleep
and total unmanifestation, and everything lower in dreamtime is some lie
creeping in or another.

      Love is therefore more right and desirable than Hate, but the Peace
that Passeth all Understanding in the Big Snooze at the very top makes
Love look like hell.

      The question then remains, why would the unManifest decide or
choose or find value in Manifesting nothing but lies and pock marks on
the face of God?

      Adore's answer is relatively complex and esoteric but it all boils
down to one thing "Humor", it feels so good to get Home again, one is
glad one left.

      Adore says

      "SAFE is Hell and High Water via Eternal Omni Awesome Peace."

      This says that there is no place to go, no place to get lost to, so
we are always 'safe' no matter where we are, and that we cycle back into
hell and high water after visiting eternal omni awesome peace (big
snooze) because of this impulse to manifest humor.

      We spend most of our time in Hell and High Water.

      Humor is basically high appreciation for ludicrous demise.

      Ludere means game.

      All manifestation is ludicrous demise.

      Majesty (Master of Jest) is the impulse towards creating humor via
ludicrous demise.

      Adore says that Majesty is the only thing that can bring the total
unmanifest, living at the top of all positive dicoms, to manifest and
engage in the negative side of those same dicoms.

      If it weren't for majesty and the impusle towards humor via
ludicrous demise, the peace that passeth all understanding would never
move into manifestation, not even to experience love, light, beauty,
and goodness.

      For they are all debased compared to Eternal Omni Awesome Peace.

      "ALL consciousness is a pock mark on the face of God."

      So if we consider Native State as Author/Creator, we can see that
Beauty, Goodness, Truth, and Peace for it, is to create a world of
strife between the worldly dicoms of similar name but completely
different character.

      Goodness for a creature DOES NOT include the impulse towards
creation of humor through ludicrous demise for itself and everyone else.

      So the worldly dicoms of good and evil are in fact wings of a dicom
that have a central void to them, which is the Author's throne, as he
can cast entire universes into existence at will using both in tapestry.

      Is it evil to create a tapestry of good and evil?

      Is it good to create a tapestry of good and evil?

      Is it Humorous?

      Adore says yes it is humorous, and it is that added component of
Humor that renders the Godly goodness different from the human goodness.

      God has no compassion as humans understand it.  God knows no one
can get lost forever or hurt forever, and God only writes universes for
himself anyway to jump into.  So yes God has a kind of compassion, he
KNOWS he is infinitely and eternally safe, but its not the kind of
compassion that humans take kindly too nor even understand.

       He is safe from total destruction, but not from total
pain by His own devisings.

      "Who me?  *I* certainly never did this to myself!"

      "I couldn't have, wouldn't have, shouldn't have, and if you suggest
I did, I will nail you to a cross until you admit you didn't either!"

      That's human 'goodness' for you.

Wed Jan 11 14:23:30 EST 2017