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     We define actuality as that which is true and reality as that which
we think is true, what is real to us, that which is apparently true.

     There is only one actuality, there are many realities, one for
every being.

     At the top actuality and reality are in accord, this is native

     As we come down the tone scale, the being diverges reality from
actuality, as the static creates illusions of kinetics for game play,
but the being retains awareness he is doing this.  Reality is a created
tapestry of art work.

     At 26.0, Apparencies are Actuality, on the tone scale, the being
commits to his reality and considers it actuality.

     The Creator becomes Creature.

     Bye bye As-isness.

     This creates persistence, and drama, it allows the game to be
played no longer knowing it is a game or who or what created it.

     Space and time dimensionality are the game playing field.


     If A and B are two different objects, and if A can not influence B,
and A can not influence anything that can influence B, then any changes
that B undergoes are irrelevant to the nature of A, and thus can
provide B no learning about A.

     We the fundamental theorem of learning from The Proof, which tells
us that if A and B are two different objects, the only way B can learn
about A is for A be cause over B and have an effect on B.  This effect
on B IS whatever learning is available to B about A.

     If there is no cause of A over B, if B does not change state in any
way because of A, then B can not learn anything at all about A.

     We also know that this process of B learning by being an effect of
A is called referent and symbol.  A is the alleged referent, and B
becomes the symbol for A in that B was allegedly caused to change state
by A.

     We also know that it is impossible to attain certainty of the
referent by looking at or being a symbol.

     In other words learning about A by looking at B produces theory

     Thus there can be no certainty between two different objects.

     The definition of DIMENSION is an extension in any direction away
from scalar dimensionlessness.

     An extension is a line of more than one different position in space
and/or time that allow objects to be separate from each other.

     For example one object is here, and the other is there, two feet

     If A and B are at two different points along any given extension,

     Thus if A and B are located at two different points along any
extension in any dimension, the only way B and learn about A is by being
the effect of A.  We have already shown this does not lead to certainty
on the part of B about A, but only to theory.

     If A is on a different extension point than B, then not only can B
not learn anything with certainty about A, B can't even learn anything
with certainty about the extension point that A is on, INCLUDING WHETHER

     Two different extension points means two different objects, means
no learning with certainty.

     Thus if dimensionality were actual no one could ever learn about it
for certain.  Dimensionality, because it puts separation between the
learner and the learned about, must forever remain a theory.

     Now in our consciousness of the world around us, we clearly see our
visual color forms spread about 3 spatial dimensions.

     We call this process LOOKING, and we divide it into 3 different

     1.) The LOOKER.  2.) The LOOKED THROUGH.  3.) The LOOKED AT.

     The LOOKER is the agent conscious being, the I AM, I CARE, I KNOW I
WANT, and I DO that is looking through the LOOKED THROUGH at the LOOKED

     The LOOKED AT is the panoply of color forms that the LOOKER sees
around him, and which he, as game player, takes to be representations of
an alleged external physical universe that apparently contains him.

     Because his conscious color forms are used to represent objects in
the physical universe, the color forms are symbols and the physical
universe objects are referents.

     The conscious symbols are certain, the physical referents are

     The looked through is the apparency of space between the looker and
the looked at.

     Above 26.0 Apparencies are Actuality on the tone scale, the being
is quite aware that the looker and the looked at are actual, but that
the looked through is an illusion.  Further the being knows that the
self luminous color forms in his conscious TV screen are created as
symbols to refer to external physical universe objects which don't
actually exist.

     He knows he is dreaming.

     It's like this, picture a unicorn.  You can see the looker, the
looked through and the looked at quite well, but its all in your
consciousness, there is no actual unicorn out there.

     Likewise when we are sleep dreaming, we see full well a symbol
panoply representing an external world, one can even sit down at the
dream piano and play it, but there is no such external world as we
realize when we wake up.  It was conscious renditions only, hooked
together to act as if they were caused by an external agent.

     Below 26.0 on the tone scale, the being takes his symbol panoply of
color forms quite seriously, and considers that they represent an
external universe that is actually OUT THERE.

     He believes that because he sees space, there must BE space.

     He no longer knows he is dreaming.

     Worse he takes the actuality of his conscious color forms and
assigns that actuality to the alleged physical universe objects that
they represent, thus considering his consciousness nothing, and the
physical universe something.

     'Objective' means everything but his conscious experience.

     Worse he takes his CERTAINTY of his conscoius color forms, and
again assigns it to the alleged physical universe objects, and considers
that he is uncertain he exists, but is very certain the physical
universe exists, which it doesn't except as a dream in his own mind.

     Thus he is operating completely inverted, and his personal
integrity is buried in corruption, temptation and seduction.

     Don't worry, be happy, its intentional and necessary to serious
game play.

     Now the primary quality of the physical universe is DIMENSIONALITY.

     That means every object in it is a different object than every
other object because they all exist at different places in space and

     That means not only can no object in the alleged physical universe
ever be certain of any other object, but the being himself can never be
certain of any of them either!

     The being can not be certain of anything in the physical universe,
including whether or not it exists, for the exact same reason that a
machine can't be certain of anything, learning by being an effect.

     The machine has to change state as the result of some alleged cause
out there, and thus can only theorize about the nature or existence of
that cause.  And the being is doing the same thing by allowing his
conscious renditions to be the effect of the same alleged external
physical universe.

     He 'sees' the alleged external universe through his conscious color
forms, and thus is using them as a caused symbol referring back to the
alleged physical universe as causing referent.

     The being is certain of his conscious renditions (symbols), but not
of what he claims they represent, as one can not be certain of a
referent by looking at a symbol.

     In fact by trying to learn about the physical universe by letting
his consciousness be the effect of it, he is as if BEING A MACHINE!

     But being a machine is all anyone can be when learning about
something that is a different object than himself.

     Thus anywhere you have A and B are two different objects, whether
or not B is a physical universe object or another conscious being, B can
never be certain of A no matter what.

     The only way B can be certain of A is if A and B are one and the
same object, and perceive cause and effect as the same event.

     In other words the learner and learned about, the looker and the
looked at, are one and the same event.  This produces self luminous
consciousness, with perfect certainty of both cause and effect at the
same time in the same event.

     Rather than having cause and effect, we have causeeffect.

     We call these conscoius events of learning self luminous, self
symbolizing, and or self referencing.  All mean the same thing.

     No separation between looker and looked at, between learner and
learned about.  That means no separation in space or time, OR IN ANY

     From the above we can conclude the following.

     If dimensionality were actual, no one would ever be able to know
it, because you could never see it.

     Machines are forever blind, dark inside, because they are trying to
look out into dimensional extension.  But they can only do so by
receiving an effect WHERE THEY ARE, the cause out there is never
directly perceived.

     The conscious looker can directly perceive the conscious looked at
(color forms).

     Since we can see our own consciousness, namely the looker, the
looked through and the looked at, with certainty, it must follow that
our own consciousness is non dimensional.  This implies that the looked
through is an illusion, and that the looker and looked at are one and
the same object.

     In other words the process of conscious seeing is not a dimensional
process of being an effect of some other cause, but a process of non
dimensional causeeffect.  Such a process crosses no space and takes up
no time.

     In other words if you can see it, it can't be separated from you,

     The looked through is an illusion, for if it weren't, you would
never be able to see with certainty the looked at on the far side of the
looked through.

     This can be summed up as the static creates illusions of kinetics
and dimensionality in its own static and non dimensional substrate.

     The static can conceive and perceive conscious renditions of as
many dimension as it wishs, perhaps even an infinite number, but they
remain forever virtual reality dreams in a static and non dimensional
actuality, the static substrate, the non physical 'stuff' of which the
static is 'made'.

     Those who confuse actualities with virtual realities are "What's
the difference"?  cases, but are also playing the game below 26.0 on the
tone scale, so can not be faulted for this error.  If you get them back
up above 26.0 on the tone scale, the game they are playing will dissolve
from play mode back to create mode.

     They may not appreciate what you have done, beings who are enjoying
a good dream don't like to be woken up.

     However somewhere down around fear they will probably be more

     In fact they are depending on you to do it.


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