ANDs run, ORs do not.


     What do you want?  What do you not want?

     You won't get anywhere.

     You want ONE item that answers BOTH questions at the same time.

     If the item is a dicom or one side of a dicom, then both sides of
the dicom must answer both questions at the same time.

     This I want good and I don't want bad is for the birds.

     "What do you want and not want at the same time?"

     This will produce results beyond your wildest dreams.

     You will release things and never know what they were.  You will
be able to sell the excess power blowing off from your case to the
local municipality.

     Yes the guy is nuts, no doubt about it, the problem is he is nuts
all the way up and down the tone scale.

     Every tone or item he is stuck in is an AND with its opposite,
negative or opposing item.

     These want and not want items produce hysteria which is half way
down the tone scale caused by balanced forces producing lots of energy
going nowhere.

     Say the guy says I want to be patient and I don't want to be
patient.  Run the hysteria and force off the want/notwant ridge, then
find its opposite and run the same thing on that.

     Not a person alive who isn't stuck in patience/hurry, although
not necessary in those words.  Find your own items, your life depends
on it.

     The above process will run like wildfire on indecipherable black
BT masses, the BT is indecipherable because he wants and doesn't want
the same thing at the same time.

     So after the usual who are you, what are you, how many are you
fails to work, try asking what do you want AND not want?

     Don't forget to ask the BT who am I, what am I, how many am I,
what do I WANT AND DON'T WANT etc.  Plaguing the BT about himself
sometimes doesn't work.  Asking the BT about yourself and then
themselves back and forth blows them into fairy dust.

     Its a sight that has to be seen to be believed.

     Remember getting answers is not important, asking the question
is.  You may never get the answer, fairy dust doesn't talk, but the
question run alternately and repetitively in the proper rhythm, will
blow the ridge, BT, or problem to kingdom come.

     Beings don't care about answers, they care about questions, the
QUESTION they are stuck in IS the answer they are looking for.

     "How can I be patient and hurry at the same time please?"

     You don't care WHAT they want to be patient or are in a hurry
about, you want to make very sure that when they are dramatizing
patience/hurry they damn well know they are doing it, then they will
live self releasing rather than self sinking lives.

     Running ANDs will produce certainty that the tech works, if
nothing else has, because case consists of ANDS.

     Basically there never was anything else, AND's form the central
problem core of the case.

     The guy wants and he doesn't want the same thing at the same
time, what's he going to do?  Nothing but sink into timelessness where
every negative thing he thinks comes true upon the mere conception of

     That's hell.

     He wanted that too and didn't want it.

     So it continues.


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