Ralph Hilton ( wrote:
>If God made pigs and pigs make shit, can God be said to be a shit?


     Thus if God made chemistry and chemistry made consciousness, then
God can not be said to be conscious as God is not made of chemistry.

     Thus if God made space and time, and thus has no space or time
himself, and consciousness is a spacetime gizmo (machine), then God can
not be said to be conscious, because consciousness is a mechanical
creation of God, and God is not mechanical.

     It can be reasonably doubted that there are two kinds of
consciousness, mechanical consciousness arising from spacetime mechanics
and non mechanical consciousness existing outside of space and time.

     Most meatballs think that consciousness is chemistry bubbling away
at 98.6.

     On the other hand if consciousness is not made of chemistry, if
consciousness is in fact not made of space or time, then consciousness
comes from the same roots of dimensionlessness that God does, and thus
it is quite reasonable to postulate that maybe God is conscious.

     In fact one can reasonably wonder if all conscious units are not
God in carnation, in dreamtime.

     Which is the first thing ever said (not by me) that makes any
sense on the subject of the relation between God and Soul.

     Creature IS creator in carnation.

>Ralph Hilton

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