One of the worst things in Scientology is the inability or
unwillingness to run a question without insisting upon getting an

      There may be answers, and maybe they are sometimes important to
find, but mostly what is messing the pc up is mis handled questions.

      The answers are just not that important, except incorrect ones!

      Thus it is the question that needs to be found, not the answer!

      By refusing to run questions unless the pc gives answers, many
questions are not run flat AS QUESTIONS, and thus charge is missed and
bypassed, and the pc is given a loss because he said 'I don't know' to
the question.

      For example auditor wants to run 'Who or what would oppose a
damnation manager?'

      PC has no clue about answers, but is interested in the question and
the item involved.

      So instead run "Get the idea of opposing a damnation manager."

      You see, no need for an answer to a question.

      Since dramatized question asking is at the root source of all
aberration, forcing a pc to ask and answer questions is a highly
dangerous undertaking unless it is done absolutely right.

      Anyone claiming to be able to do this across the boards on any pc
is lying.  My opinion.

      What you want him to do is to knowingly ask the question he is
already asking unknowingly with every breath he takes.  Once he spots
the question and the dramatization that goes with it, he can chill out
about it.

      He is killing himself with the QUESTION!  Not with not knowing the

      He gets better by chilling out about the question, not by knowing
the answer!

      Dramatization means bringing drama to, drama is importance,
seriousness, permanence (forever/never) and pain.  This usually
manifests as real heavy effort down in the numb range of awareness.

      He is killing himself slowly wanting to know so bad, but he no
longer knows exactly what it is he wants to know, and that he also
doesn't want to know it at the same time.

      That's called an AND, wanting to know and not wanting to know
at the same time forever for free.

      It's not an oscillation, its an isometeric, like holding the door
closed with one hand while pulling it to open with the other hand.

      Or slamming both the accelerator and the brakes to the floor of a

      Thus he is bidirectional heavy effort dramatizing, for and against,
which forms a ridge which he then calls his face.

      Worse his dramatization is on automatic, it is compulsive and
convulsive.  Sort of like the dry heaves when it happens.  There is no
stopping it, and there is no spotting it until after it happens.

      As he first approaches it, its so fast and so hard it just knocks
him unconscious as he does it.  That's why he never spots it and wonders
why he has a headache MUCH later.

      Then once he is genned in on the thing, he will start spotting it
after it happens, and he says 'I saw that!' and so he be's with it for a
good while until some of it has released.  He says "I created that!"
even though he saw it only after it happened, that's taking
responsibility for something after the fact, but it works.

      Then the next time it happens, he's right there as it happens, and
he says "Uh Homer you think you could stop doing that quite so hard
pretty please (you asshole!), eh?"

      Then next time he will be there before it happens and he can chill
it out during its convulsion, kind of do it slowly and intentionally,
and draw it out and hold it gently on at the end of its stroke, but not
with the total force or blind kamikazee determination like he was
originally doing it with.

      Determination is dramatization and cements in failure, as it
prepostulates possible failure, and commits to that pre postulate with
heavy efforts.

      Then next time again he will be there before it happens, and it
won't happen, something else will happen instead, and he will be
relieved of that piece of nonsense forever.

      If you ask questions inside your face, you become a face.

      People's faces are generally as ugly as they feel about the
questions they are asking inside their face and don't know it.

      Every crooked tooth is a dramatized and hated question answer

      "Adoration is Operation of Questions and Answers with Majesty,
Class and Pride." - Adore

      Look up quick, something just flew over your head :)


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