Michael ( wrote:
>My own belief/understanding and what I have experienced in my life is this, 
>Who and what you are is who and what you are right now, eternally, because 
>we exist not in time (Eternal presence) but what happens after the body 
>drops dead I don't know, do we return to Oneness, a state like cosmic 
>allness, quite a few people say we do.

     I suspect that beings have more than one body they are in, sort
of like Russian Dolls, one inside of the next.

     When they die out of one body, they find themselves still in the
next body up, probably craving another body down, in this case a
physical universe body.

     Death may act like a rocket, when the being dies he shoots up to
varying heights of exteriorization from many of these bodies, until he
starts to fall back down again, either intentionally, semi
intentionally or unintentionally.
     Depends on the state of the being at the time.

     I believe the present state of most meatballs is far worse than
anyone wants to admit.
     Hubbard said it best, but it is overlooked by most.

     My words, the body is a BT graveyard.

     Hubbard's words " die forever in the rigid apathy of MEST".
     Adore's words:

     "The Hypocrisy Whirlpool

     If the Jews keep it up, they are gonna become Christians.

     If the Christians keep it up, they are gonna become Nazi's.

     If the Nazi's keep it up, they are gonna become Sweet Old Ladies.

     And if the Sweet Old Ladies keep it, they are gonna becomes Jews

     Eventually all become marbles on the thetan plane.

     Stupid Fear, Stone Cold Hearts, and Stone Dead Souls, form the
Throne of Medusa.  Watch it, Medusa is the Devil's Harem.

     The Christians like to tell you about all the fire and brimstone
in hell, they fail to tell you about all the Medusas running around
chasing everyone until they are rendered stone.  Fire and Brim Stone.

     Fitting grave for a thetan eh?

     Flaming Marble with a Flaming Cross.

     Forever for free.

     If my words have offended anyone herein, I am behumbled and

     I beg for the gentle mercy of imperial majesty and grand and
excaliper design.

     I am told I get it, if I give it." - Adore


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