My answer to this has always been that OT powers come from OT
motivation and human powers come from human motivation.

     Subdeath, human motivation is taking care of the body.

     Thus subdeath, pcs want OT powers to better be able to take care of
the body.

     They are playing the game of offend/defend.

     Those playing a game can never have enough power to put the game or
the playing field there in the first place.

     So one has to shift from game player into game creator if you
want to be able to create the football or move the goalpost with your


Michael (mickel1234@blueyonder.co.uk) wrote:

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>>> The Operational Tree
>>> Once a time there was a Happy Tree living in a beautiful country
>>> Earlier generations of trees contributed establishing a fertile soil
>>> So the Happy Tree was very healthy and mighty,
>>> He had enthralling conversations with his fellow trees around
>>> One day he saw birds flying high in the sky and began envying them
>>> He was sensing a terrible injustice here
>>> Why should birds be free and allowed to play with the winds,
>>> When himself was trapped here, his roots imprisoned in the soil?
>>> So he formed the goal to become as free as the birds, and was yelling
>>> "I want to operate like the birds! I want to be an Operational Tree!"
>>> "Psychia-Trees tell us we were born from the mud, that is a lie!"
>>> "The ground is a Tree-Trap! I want to be free from the Prison-
>>> Ground!"
>>> He began searching how he could possibly free himself from the ground
>>> So he trained foxes and rabbits digging into the ground
>>> And they worked so well that they succeeded uprooting his roots
>>> As soon as he felt his roots free, he began walking through the forest
>>> He yelled to his fellow trees: "See, now I am Clear from the mud!"
>>> "Follow me and become Clear yourself! then become Operational Trees!"
>>> So more and more rabbits and foxes were organized and trained
>>> And soon there were many trees walking through the forest
>>> Then the Happy Tree began flapping his roots to fly like the birds
>>> Alas despite many efforts never he was able to fly in the sky
>>> He was no more nurtured by the fertile ground and began decaying
>>> He became very angry and upset, still pretending but unable to do it
>>> One day the sky was invaded by deadly black clouds
>>> He was hit by a lightning which turned him into ashes
>>> And the ashes contributed fertilizing the clay
>>> --
>>> Curiosus
>>> http://www.geocities.com/curiosus_2005/index.htm
>> WOT!!!!!!!! No Super OT powers!
>> You mean I've spent 25 years of my life hoping they will turn on any day, 
>> I can't believe my mince pies.
>> You mean I've been lied to? this is incredible.
>> Barman! Line em' up and keep em' coming, I've a long sad story to tell 
>> you.
>> God Almighty :)
>> Mike
>Alternatively, I would think that the way to resolve the matter of "Who Am 
>I?" or "What am I?" would involve identity processing, removing the false or 
>substitute self, the "little me" as it is sometimes called.
>Only when a person can know beyond any shadow of a doubt their real self can 
>the matter be resolved as to if "I am doing all this" as an OT in other 

>If this is a virtual reality we live in then one would need to know the code 
>before you could (as an individual) change things.

>On the other hand one might find that they do not have to do anything.

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