Beings, conscious units, have both BEING and BEINGNESS.

      The person as BEING can change his BEINGNESS.

      BEING is timeless, above time,  BEINGNESS is in time.

      BEING is what the person really is.

      BEINGNESS is a packaged constellation of goals, abilities and
attributes, created by himself or another, that the person has donned
for himself, AS himself in the time stream.  "This is me!"

      Ability includes knowledge and power.

      When a being enters a game, he tends to decay.

      He trades his original beingnesses for later ones as he sashays
down the GPM ladder.

      GPM stands for Goals Problem Mass.

      GPM's are prepacked games to play replete with goals and opponents.
including a staircase of wins, losses, successes and failures leading
down the next game to play below it when he gives up or gets sick of the
game he is at.

      Each one of these changes in BEINGNESS result from direct
application of OT power operating from his natural BEING,
to make him able as the role he needs to be to play the game
he is now choosing.

      The ability package of a bum on the street is different than the
ability package of a nuclear physicist, but when the nuclear physicist
gets sick of blowing people up, he may become a bum in the street for a
while, get it?

      The purpose of auditing is to get the pc to start changing his
BEINGNESS again in an upwards direction, meaning bigger and more able,
and perhaps eventually give up this GPM nonsense altogether.  But there
will always be games to play and powers and abilities to have and not

      Not have is the key.  What ability could you NOT HAVE?

      That makes the game exciting!

      Thus when a pc wants to change his power set one has to ask why?

      Winning too often?
      Losing too often?

      He can change his power set at any time by changing his BEINGNESS
but will only change his beingness in the direction of better play.

      He may start off complaining that he wants to win more often, and
that is fair enough, but as he readjusts his BEINGNESS he will start
complaining he wants a challenge, that is now he wants to lose more

      The joke is that they way to recover one's ability to win more often
involves rehabilitating his ability to create himself as a loser!

      As long as he feels he has no responsibility for being a loser,
and can't TAKE responsibility for being a loser by putting it there
no matter who originally created the package, he can't stop
putting it there.

      So rehabilitating his creative ability to put losers there, he can
stop doing that, and he bubbles back up to being a winner again as that
is the natural state of an omni potent BEING.


      One does not create ability, one creates disability from which one
can then take what's left as 'inborn talent' and hone it into a skill.

      Optimum play is in between win and lose.

      Playing is neither winning and nor losing.

      Sometimes its nice to win and get on with the next screen, some
times it's nice to lose, hone those skills some more.

      Nothing like the glory of a good come back.

      But when he finds his power set in an optimum place, he will be a
well and happy being, and no longer be interested in messing around with
his power set.

      If his original goal and ability set find anathema in having a
human body to take care of or operate through, well then he will need to
adjust his ability package until he no longer has those

      Notice however, that as he goes up the tone scale by erasing
disabilities, his ability to take responsibility over things and
his body in particular increases exponentially with it, NATURALLY.

      It doesn't take work to become able, it takes work to
become unable.

      The Prove It!  case has a problem with their present ability set,
they want to know if more exists.  Often they are meatballs in self
conception and don't want to be.

      A meatball thinks consciousness is a process in chemistry,
and that when the body dies, he dies, and that's it bud.

      He is a 'made of meat case.  and has no self awareness of nor
concept of himself as a conscious Spirit.

      Meatballs look to you to provide proof that there is more to be
had, but if you show them, they end up doubting it later anyway.

      Even if they have an ascension experience OF THEIR OWN, they STILL
end up doubting it anyway.  So its wasted effort to prove ability per se
to anyone.

      Show them a game they can play with 100 percent involvement, and
they will forget all about wanting proof of something more.

      And in the end, happiness is what counts, not ability.  Yes it is
impossible to be happy as a mortal, but they have long ago concluded it
was impossible to happy as an immortal.  Death forever is a solution to
hell forever.  How many flip flops have they done on that one?

      There is no peace in either, peace only comes from eternality, not
immortality nor mortality.

      So you have your work cut out for you on the Prove it case.

      Beyond that, the guy who knows that ability is there for the taking
but is always tied to the design of the game that he wants to play, well
they are easy to audit and a pleasure to boot.

      Audit the GAME for optimum play, and the ability package will
arrange itself around that game automatically.

      Spending some time with the preclear defining what 'optimum play'
might mean to him will go a long ways towards making huge case gain.

      Just remember you 'audit towards optimum play' by rehabilitating
the ability to create non optimum play, as that nails the point of self
responsibility that is holding him non optimum in present time.

      A native state being who has not created any limitations yet, can
create games of optimum play forever for free in the mere conception of


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