Homer Wilson Smith (homer@lightlink.com) wrote:
>CB Willis (cbwillis@adore.lightlink.com) wrote:
>>A major difference.  The only destruction that I see happening thru
>>as-isness, seeing things as they are, is destruction of false beliefs,
>>once we "get" that they are false, we tend not to want them, and they go
>>poof as they're useless and we know that, especially if we have found
>>something that seems more true to us.  Just like when we find out
>>something is contaminated with plague or plutonium we tend to drop it like
>>a hot potato.  Nothing else is destroyed in any sense for me by seeing
>>something as it is - that part of scn does not work for me at all.

     Here is the crux of the difference.

     Most people want to 'see things as they are'.

     They fully expect that things will be still standing after they
do.  They want things to stand in their true light etc.

     They don't understand that seeing something in its true light
will result in total vanishment a moment afterwards.  This whole idea
is totally alien to them.  They don't expect truth to 'destroy'

     Well they don't want to destroy or vanish things, only bad
things, so they expect and want things to remain standing after they
have "found out the truth" about it.

     But since truth causes vanishment, if the thing is still standing
they haven't found out the total truth about it now have they?

     So this is a new thought to people, it really is new, and most
just don't get it.

     It is in part why true enlightenment is so scarce, people are
seeking a persisting truth rather than a vanishing truth.